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Christo, you've got competition, baby. "Often Hargo's The Somerville Gates has been compared with Christo's The Gates, Central Park, New York City. These comparisons have been unfair; sometimes the media has exaggerated -- even lied -- about the similarities. The differences, however, are many."
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Thanks! I was bummed about not getting up to NYC to see Christo's, but this is even better.
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Viewing period: until the cleaning lady comes

That's just poignant.
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Best post of the day.
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I'm near Sommerville -- I understand I don't need a ticket, but can I just walk through the Sommerville Gates whenever I want, or do you think I need an invitation?
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"To all visitors of The Somerville Gates:
There are no official opening events.
There are no invitations.
There are no tickets.
This work of art is FREE and for all to enjoy,
the same as all of our previous projects.
If anyone tries to sell you a ticket,
do not buy it. This would be an act of
fraud because no tickets are needed"

I think you can only admire from afar. That makes it more exclusive and, therefore, better. This is art.
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We went and saw the Christo Gates yesterday. I'm glad we didn't walk all the way to the end, though, because if it's like this one I think the giant cat would have been pretty scary.
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Beautiful post. Goofing art with art. Frankly, I'm tired of Christo showing me how big his dick is all the time - he is no genius and really, has become the blue dog of fabric artists.

I think this installation better shows the struggle between art and nature. Are the gates hindering the cats inevitable meeting with it's food bowl or are they in fact, a dramatic archway designed to elevate the event of dinner? Why is the cat unfazed by this saffron 'affront'? Was the orange cat intentional? So much to ponder.
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jheiz, just about that exact same quote appears on Christo's site for the Central Park gates.
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I was in Berlin in '95 when Christo wrapped the Reichstag, and it was really quite amazing to see a building that size covered with silver nylon-weave material. People came from all over Europe--and I imagine the world--to check it out. I remember a guy standing there with a sign and a long speech for anyone who cared to here it. The sign said "Dies ist kein Kunstwerk". This is not art.

I've only seen pictures, but these gates look rather boring in comparison.

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Thanks, this is almost as good as Fushimi Inari, where Christo doesn't say he stole his 'inspiration' from...
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Finally saw the gates this morning, and I'd say it's damn well worth it. It's no Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, but come on, you've gotta compartmentalize your experiences.
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I posit: There is nothing funnier than the back of a cat's head.
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Here's another parody "The Crackers."
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With $3.50 and a Dream, the 'Anti-Christo' Is Born
Geoff Hargadon installed his miniature artwork "The Somerville Gates" in his Massachusetts home and posted photos of it on a Web site. Within 24 hours, the site had 99,000 hits. [New York Times | February 19, 2005]
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Update - the cleaning lady came.

In today's Boston Globe, Hargo and his gates are feted by the Mayor of Somerville, and we learn that he had to take the pictures down after the site got 4 million hits.
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Another spoof: Bill Gates changes his name to 'The Gates'.
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