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Edit your own psycho shower scene
posted by srboisvert (6 comments total)
I like putting together all the clips where she's just flippin out without the knife being present. It's like she's really upset I walked into the shower while she was in there.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 7:00 AM on February 24, 2005

Inspired by Captaintripps' post?
posted by caddis at 7:28 AM on February 24, 2005

Brendan Dawes is responsible for this (and some more). Though, his agency (site is way way way to flashy for some) are up for the same award as mine tonight - so I should probably bad mouth him - he turned me down for a work experience placement when I was doing my degree. We so deserve to win the "best use of design" (for) haha.

nb: The "flashy" link I'm not responsible for, Brendan if you see this, sense of humour time I'm afriad mate - theres much worse you could say about my website lol
posted by 13twelve at 7:56 AM on February 24, 2005

I am afriad too. It's painful sometimes, but I get along.
posted by breezeway at 10:54 AM on February 24, 2005

holy shit i am deaf... dont forget to turn your sound down first.

wait... what did you say? i can hear you.
posted by nearo at 2:51 PM on February 24, 2005

It's interesting that this appears on a site named after the late Saul Bass, because there had been some controversy that the famous Psycho shower scene had actually been directed by Bass himself, although this is generally refuted by Stephen Rebello in the book, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho.
posted by jonp72 at 5:34 PM on February 24, 2005

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