A lonesome death revisited
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Bob Dylan's classic song "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" is a murder ballad protest tune for the annals, but this week a story in the Guardian sheds new light on the real-life subject and the murderer William Zantzinger. via xymphora.
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Vicious drunk reforms himself; is now rural slumlord, and "nice guy."
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Great link to the Guradian.
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That was great. Thank you.

There is another Dyaln song called Who Killed Davey Moore that calls out cruddy death seemingly condoned by society.

And then in Seven Curses Dylan expresses some outrage. What do you think became of Riley's daughter?
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Really interesting piece. One of my favourite Dylan songs, and I love that type of investigative article.
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I had no idea that he wrote that song the same year that the crime and trial took place. I think that the "...cane that he twirled 'round his diamond-ring finger" made me imagine it all happened sixty years earlier or so. This isn't the first time I've been surprised by a folk song turning out to be about contemporary events rather than historical-- and now I'm wondering about Hollis Brown.
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too long
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Too long? Then don't read it, and move on.

Interesting post, great article, thanks!
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