Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state
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During the siege of Rhodes (1522), Turkish besiegers shot arrows over the wall, arrows with leaflets giving details of proposed peace terms and consequences of not accepting them. They were intended for the civilians in hopes that public pressure might cause the defending Knights of St John to cave. It seems to have helped.

Absolutely fascinating post. Many thanks.
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I was in Korea in 1950 and my spot was close to psychological warfare place. My friend there asked me if I wanted to keep him company while he dropped passes ovezr enemy lines. I asked him what I was to do. He said I would shove out bundles of the stuff when he flew real low to the ground. I told him I had other things to do.
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so weird...i never knew dirty ones were made. thanks, armage!
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I've always found this site somewhat creepy but, yes, fascinating.

Farewell, Remember her last kiss....?
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Great post. Thanks for this.
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Very interesting to see what each combatant found effective. In WWII, common themes used by Germany against the USA were desire for safety and comfort, concern for wives at home, and effects of crippling/disfiguring wounds on a soldier's ability to attract the opposite sex.

I could spend all day here. Very interesting, thanks.
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