Hand bookbindings at Princeton
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Hand bookbindings.
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Books on footbinding
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Bookshelves made of books
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This thread (pun intended) is great. Thanks everyone...
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There are a few more great examples with detailed notes available from paper history department of the National Library of the Netherlands.
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I'm a novice bookbinder. Here's some websites that I like and keep bookmarked:

Douglas W. Jones on bookbinding.

Keith Smith's books. Keith has a wide array of books available on bookbinding. I use his books as a guide. They are expensive but well worth the investment if you are serious about learning bookbing.

antigirl often has some excellent bindings for sale that include her photography and art.

strenage little girl serves more as an inspiration for me. Plus she has made a pdf of how to make your own recycled paper.
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Wow! Thanks Slithy_Tove, et al. I've always wanted to learn more about bookbinding.
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As a professional commercial binder who dabbles in artistic bindings I recommend that if you're looking for book arts links try The Books Arts Web Peter Verheyen admins a book arts list serve that is lively and archived. The links page for bindery and book artists pages is here
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Wow, this is excellent, thanks Slithy_Tove! Beautiful pictures.
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This is the reason I come to MetaFilter.
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