Great Ideas (With Wheels)
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"Bracket bolts the book open to the page 'LIFE, WITHOUT BIRTH AND WITHOUT END, EMITTING LIGHT!'"

A collection of tampered-with books for sale.
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"An Amazon self-published misprint (the spine text is distorted). Two bolts keep the book from opening."
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Lost Citites sounds like a fun book, archleogists widly speculating is always entertaining
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If books as physical objects are becoming obsolete, why don't we just make them even more inconvenient to actually read? We can add some useless wheels and tubes, bolt them shut so we're stuck with them as objects but not as carriers of information. The immense appeal of a library or bookstore is for me this quaint idea of being surrounded by stacks of embodied knowledge. I have a kindle and I use it all the time but still this collection of "books" makes me sad. I wouldn't want a book that I couldn't sit down and read.
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I'd buy this book, but I wouldn't want to be able to read it. Bummer. Lost a sale there, guys.
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Eugene O'Neil
(With Screws In Eyes) / $15

Nice find.

gonna tie together my copy of "Cimarron" with roughide.
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I realise old paper books are practically worthless now - and so why not turn them into artsy knicknacks - but every time I see a repurposed book I die a little.
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I notice all the ones with large wheels are sold out. What can this mean?
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As much as I appreciate both the convenience and the innate Trekkiness of reading off a tablet, I don't appreciate seeing my old friends turned into art school grist like this.
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Other book objects I hope they make:

The Corrections in a paper shredder
Freedom bolted shut
How To be Alone as a bookshelf for Infinite Jest
Bill O'Reilly's The No Spin Zone in a blender
Twilight with a stake through it
Fifty Shades of Gray In a bucket of bleach
Everything Dan Brown Has Ever Written on fire
The Notebook scribbled all over with red pen
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Arthur Bryant's original barbecue sauce?
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I notice all the ones with large wheels are sold out. What can this mean?

Wheels within wheels...
posted by capricorn at 11:14 AM on February 25, 2015

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