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Anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory: George Seldes was inspiration to Mae Brussell,whose first computer was donated by conservative Frank Zappa. Dave Emory continues the tradition of investigative muckraker in his weekly program on the great WFMU. Key to the for the record material:Paul Manning. annotated program descriptions here Dave's 500th show real&mp3
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The recent interviews with Robert Parry and Daniel Hopsicker
are very informative, We have disscused many of the topics here before, Too many topics to choose ,this one started on Zizka I hope this is a usefull research source as well as a fascinating story.BTW Lyle Stuart broke both legs the week he published Nazi in Exile.
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Could you just link me to the bit where it says Zappa was a conservative? kthx
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I would characterize Zappa as a fairly rabid libertarian.
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... the great WFMU.

This is the last week of the fundraising marathon for this year.
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Remember miss lynnster's first post? (dec 20 2004)
Zappa on Crossfire:Zappa tells John Lofton "you may not like that .But that's what I am "a consevative .pretty generic I dont know how to link to a specific post in the archives,but here is a link to the video
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Quonsar ,there is Zappa music 24/7 plying on zappa radio
I included a link because not everyone likes listening to wfmu.
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Just remember, what you might call "conservative" is not what other people might. Depends how much you buy into the currently-in-vogue conservative/liberal stereotypes vs. researching the positions and actions of conservatives from the past, I guess.

I've always looked at Zappa's actions and commentary and thought, "yes, well, if fiscal conservatives believe in letting the market take care of itself, shouldn't social conservatives believe in letting society take care of itself?" and so I see no contradiction. The contradiction comes (for me) when a "conservative" wants to regulate social behavior; to me, that's not conservative any more than wanting to regulate financial institutions is.

I suppose when you get down to it, the conservative/liberal opposition nonsense is similar to the pro-life/pro-choice nonsense...that is, each is fighting a battle that is not directly adversarial, yet they paint each other as mortal enemies.

I wish we had better words to describe conservatives and liberals -- but then, you can't accurately describe these two groups in single words, so why bother?
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Dave Emory's For the Record was previously mentioned in Metafilter thread #34627.
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He does a good job of following the money, and links between individuals, but the cadence of his voice could put you to sleep even while discussing the most whacked out conspiracy theories.
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this is the worst, most frustrating post i've ever seen. did this guy's radio show mention george seldes and frank zappa? when? how the hell am i supposed to find it?
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The for the record program page has a search engine and many of the individually numbered programs include work by George .The Zappa connection is merely the fact that he was a fan of Mae,provided her with a computer, and described himself as a conservative .Dave carried on with Mae's work after her death. FTR#480 is a tribute to George. Try following the many links provided on the about Paul Manning link (in the post ) you can listen to individual programs on wfmu or read the descriptions on the For the Record page at spitfire
I am sorry about the confusion .
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Seems like each time Zappa is mentioned, young "Conservatives" get all excited that they have an artist with merit among their ranks.

But no, Zappa didn't mean "Conservative" like Bush. But, not to worry, young "Conservatives" will always be able to claim Ted Nugent and Pat Boone.
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hortense: sorry if i overreacted, it was the frustration talking.
(i actually apologized. am i gonna be banned from mefi now?)
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vp_admin: and vincent gallo.
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