look at this site! there's a spring all sticking out of it...
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Meet Jakob Lodwick of Blumpy.org. You may be familiar with him because of sites like this or this.
Blumpy.org i s a bit of a step up, however, featuring some pretty nifty skits and a great video-journal.

He has also made a video for Cex, Baltimore's soon-to-be legendary (any day now) basement rock god, whose site also has a huge stash of excellent b-side material and another video.
not the biggest sites, so go easy on'em and be patient.
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"Conversation will improve, language barriers will fall, artificial intelligence will begin to emerge, and, hopefully, people will be more honest about what they want and who they want to have sex with." If you could meta-tag a tag itself, would the resulting "tagweb" mirror how we collectively organize thoughts in our [collective] brain? (via del.icio.us)

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>born: Baltimore, MD, July 25, 1981
>died: n/a (alive)
>resides: Tribeca, NYC, USA

This guy moved further than Timonium.
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Cex was great until he decided he should start rapping.
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Yah, Cex Cux.
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davy: ahahahahah

on another note: damn hipsters...
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Cex was great until he decided he should start rapping.

Does he rap on records now too? I always liked the way you'd buy a bunch of his electronical stuff, then turn up to a gig to find a funny man in a headband shouting at you.
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i thought cex's rap album was great, probably the best thing he'll ever do, and very much in the spirit of that hilarious live recording he had on his old website. not too into his latest albums though, which are more industrial and noise oriented. kid's ambitious, he's got that going for him...
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starship galactica was a truly incredible album...and his theme song is a must listen for anyone who appreciated "i care because you do."
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Didn't know about any of that other stuff, but he's also one of the masterminds behind Vimeo a service that does for video clips what Flickr does for photos. Still very much in beta, but it looks promising.

Damn. I wish I were smart and talented.
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