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Hi-Tech's New Day - Since the collapse of the Nasdaq bubble and the dotcom fizzle, the last five years have been particularly hard on technology entrepreneurs. But lately, there's been a bit of a resurgence (what with the Google IPO and Apple's second wind and all). Not that the boom is going to resume, by any means, it's just encouraging that tech innovation continues apace and is again being rewarded in the marketplace! [really i'm just posting this cuz there seems to be a new intarweb celebrity power couple on the block (via a.whole #1) :]
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One day trader's view of irrational stock exuberance wrt technology.
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There's been a lot of stuff happening in Vancouver lately. Everyone I know is either in a start up, starting a start up, or some how getting money for their start up. Reminds me a bit of the good old days. Flickr seems to be just making it go faster.
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