See the Sights from Satellites
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Google Sight-Seeing Being seen from space isn't just for the Great Wall of China anymore. See Las Vegas, Area 51 and some impressive graffiti. (via)
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google maps from above and below :D

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Hollywood sign.
(very small, just north of the bubble, zoom in).
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Double, of sorts. All very pretty and such but this post is still open and on the front page. Could have been added in-thread.
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This, my friends, is conclusive evidence to suggest that Google is becoming Skynet for all values of "sky", "net" and "Skynet".
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My mom looked up her house on the google maps, saw an unusual black speck in the yard. Turns out it was the dog. (He's an 80 pound mutt)
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That site is great.
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More Land Grafiti, about twice the size as the "Dave" one in this post.
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Picture this
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I love these satellite photos. Viewing relatively small objects such as the house I grew up in is kinda boring. What structures are big enough to really enjoy? Stadiums and Ballparks! I checked out almost all the 30 Major League Baseball parks, and some football stadiums as well. Of all the sporting venues I found, only 3Com Park, aka Candlestick Park in San Francisco had a game (49ers) in progress. Angel Stadium in Anaheim appears to be hosting a motocross rally? Of course, we can't see what's happening inside the domed stadiums, but the empty parking lots suggest a lack of activity inside. Here's the rest:

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A big swath of Minneapolis is blurred as well. I wonder how often the satellite photos will be updated?
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Here's the ring-shaped lake created by a meteor strike in Labrador, Canada.
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I'm a bit surprised they haven't done these two yet: Gateway Arch and Statue of Liberty.
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The longest parking lot in the world (Branson, MO)
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The Goodyear Blimp, at its field in Carson, CA.
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does anyone else think the US government is pissed as all hell about this?
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More aircraft carriers:
Jacksonville, FL
Everett, WA
San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA (helicopter carrier?)
Philadelphia, PA (decommisioned)
New York (museum)

Hospital ship: San Diego, CA

A Navy ammo storage area in suburban NJ. Including a very long pier they use to load the ships far away from shore.

(I think what makes this brilliant is that google makes it so easy to link to the images. The previous versions were always Java or Flash, so you couldn't share cool things you found.)
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Google HQ
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Holy crap, smackfu. Exactly how long is that thing?
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Maybe we should tell someone about this ...
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Holy crap, smackfu. Exactly how long is that thing?

I'd pay to have somebody say that to me ...
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Speaking of ring shaped lakes, I was just motoring, or I guess “satellite-ing” around the region the day they added the imagery, and I came across THIS eye-boggling natural expression of geography at Mt St Helens and Spirit Lake.

p.s. anyone else think Spirit Lake looks strangely like a lion?
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It looks like that pier is at least a mile and a half long, judging by lower Manhattan's width (at the top of this image)

I noticed, scrolling north, that for some reason, Massachusetts was meticulously photographed at a different, less-green time of year than the surrounding states:

They even got Southwick in winter, in stark contrast to Connecticut's greenery. Reminds me of this TNG episode.
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smackfu: The ship you listed as "helicopter carrier?" is the amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu - LHA 5 (which is, as you said, basically a helicopter carrier).
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NormieP: Nice catch.

I stumbled across that pier while scrolling around NYC, and assumed it was for natural gas loading or something. But then I found this page, which has tons of info on what is actually Naval Weapons Station Earle. The pier is 2.2 miles long. It looks much cooler with ships tied up. And you can follow the train tracks all the way from the pier to the weapons bunkers (which look just like the ones in Iraq, incidentally).
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So where are the nuke silos? I've been hunting around Cheyenne, WY with no luck. I guess they are too small.
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Howabout Devil's Tower, WY?
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I guess the birds don't get too nice a view of Mt. Rushmore.
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More weird shit in New Jersey. Although it's only weird when you realize how big those things are. The giant cleared circle (almost a mile across) is a parachute jump site. The not really parallel lines are jet car test tracks (!?!). There's some huge airship hangars around too. The military builds the greatest things.

How about a cloud and it's shadow?

Nuclear power plant, in FL (in a rather unusual place, if you zoom out)

Bermuda (surprisingly in full hi-resolution, and not even on the normal map)

Sing Sing Prison

This is just weird
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car_bomb: that looks suspiciously like an image doctored up to look like ol goatse
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The Luecke family says "hello"
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Iax: it does? strange...I wonder how that got in there.
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car_bom I meant this
its not on google... and look at it! it also has a dog shaped lake in the upper right.
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actually iax, it's a lion.
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Smackfu: I think you found midway island.
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This is just weird

It's a dolphin's eyeball.
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Weighing in at 24 miles, the longest bridge in the world.
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Thought Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone looked pretty cool.
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smackfu: Tern Island in the French Frigate Shoals?
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I think this is Kilauea, the world's most active volcano (lives up to its billing).
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Dealey Plaza
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What about the world's nastiest turnpikes/interchange? I imagine that'd have to be in LA.
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actually guys, i'm pretty sure it's a LIGER.
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It's been years since I've visited, so I can't say whether these LA interchanges are particularly hellacious:

5, 22, & La Veta Ave
60 & 710
5 & 110
10 & 710

They just look confusing from above.

Closer to home, here's Boston's Zakim Bridge, from when it was still under construction. The Big Dig looks messy from space, too.
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