The Red Piano
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The Red Piano designed and directed by David LaChapelle featuring Elton John, now showing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Some clips are burlesque (2mb qt), weird (1.5mb qt) or meaningless out of context(12.5mb qt), but this most beautiful dance sequence(20mb qt) makes it all worthwhile.
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most of the video clips are NSFW methinks. Looks really bad... but titillating. Vegas...
posted by thanatogenous at 10:11 AM on April 13, 2005

What? No Rick James?
posted by dr_dank at 10:19 AM on April 13, 2005

Coming soon...Songs by Jackson Browne. Choreography by Susan Stroman. Directed by Baz Luhrmann. It's "Doctor My Eyes - The Musical!" Catch it in previews!
posted by fungible at 10:58 AM on April 13, 2005

dr_dank: I hope you're not confusing Dave Chapelle with David LaChapelle.

Note: Some links contain breasts.
posted by futureproof at 11:51 AM on April 13, 2005

Gotta love that copy:

"Commercially, creatively, on stage and on record, Elton John is a legendary artist — one who is still as relevant as ever."

If you have to tell me an artist is still relevant, chances are the artist isn't...
posted by herc at 12:18 PM on April 13, 2005

I didn't know he was the same guy who did this. (Posted just a few days ago!)
posted by event at 12:44 PM on April 13, 2005

this is really, really bad. really. i of course, only say this because i do not like it. and think it's bad.
posted by glenwood at 12:53 PM on April 13, 2005

Sorry about my lack o' caps.
posted by glenwood at 12:53 PM on April 13, 2005

I went to the show and was pretty impressed. It was my understanding that the show I was going to was being taped for TV and that they were closing up shop shortly (for the return of Celine).
I especially enjoyed the huge inflatable female body parts. Accompanied, of course, with some huge inflatable bananas.
posted by gregv at 2:03 PM on April 13, 2005

David LaChapelle is also the man behind Rize, the upcoming documentary all about krumping.
posted by arielmeadow at 4:22 PM on April 13, 2005

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