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Hopefully not derailing: It always surprised me that David Zucker has become a hardcore conservative (see here).

But his terms are funny and pretty good. Too bad his last two real movies, Scary Movie 3 and My Boss's Daughter, were shitfarms. His chickenfat used to be excellent (a Mad magazine term, from before they were a festering shithole too...)
On the other hand, his brother went on to direct Ghost...
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Airplane! has always been one of my favorite movies. I watched it so many times as a kid I managed to wear out the tape in parts, and it seems that even now I'm still catching some new gag every time I see it. This is a great list. A couple of my favorite terms, made better by the juxtaposition:

15. Manic Dumb Show: Slapstick for the sake of slapstick, but without character/plot motivation or wit.

16. People Talking in Rooms: The concept that witty dialogue in confined spaces can often times be as effective as huge comedy action scenes.

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This is actually a fascinating article. I need to bookmark this.

On the other hand, do the ZAZ team have a list of "comedy cliches we've used in every single movie we've ever made?" Because it would be about the size of one (ANY one) of their scripts.
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I've gone back and read every single thing written on both lists, now (rather the skimming I'd done previously.) and would like to ammend my earlier analysis:

This is an invaluable resource. Seriously incredible. Thanks.
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Here's my favorite:

36. Sonny on the Causeway: Thinking a joke is a sure-fire winner, then getting ambushed by the silent audience reaction.
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That was great. I guess I've often gotten Jerry and David confused. If David's a conservative, his filmography makes up for it.

My favorite line from High School High:

"Little early to be drinking, isn't it?"
"Who stops?"
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