Videoletters from the former Yugoslavia
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Hello to the Krilcic family. Ten years after we last saw you we are alive and well. And I hope you are. We would like to hear from you and see you. Goodbye.
In each episode of Videoletters, two former neighbors, friends or colleagues separated by the Bosnian war exchange video messages. Since 1999, two filmmakers have been helping people from across the former Yugoslavia find and reconnect with one another in this way, often with heart-breaking results. Watch a sample episode here about two young men, Vlada (a Serb) and Ivica (a Croat), whose families were close friends when the war began. [Bit more inside]
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Here's an overview of the episodes, although only the one linked above currently has watchable video. It's also worth noting that for the first time since the war, all major broadcasters in the former republics of Yugoslavia have agreed to air these short documentaries (22 minutes each) in roughly the same time frame.

Here's an interesting story about the entire videoletter project. The site is also encouraging people to share their stories online.
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Great resource. Touchingly done. I am happy and amazed at the amount of honesty they portray.

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Thank you for this; good post.
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