Football is war.
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Please, do mention the war. Really, it's hard not to. After all, in a sense football is war, as the General famously joked. Sometimes it's peace. Same goes for that other football, by the way.
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Bonus links: Iranfilter, which I was unaware of before, and which seems telling in its subject matter (as well as a bit quiet). And: history of the Berlin Olympic stadium, where the final will be played.
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This does need to be tagged with Fawlty.

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Well actually, Wolfdog...
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Good links. Two comments:


What does that have to do with the rest of the topic? The only football-related entry on that site is the group drawing and schedule. You may have just invented the reverse-Godwin - comparing Germany to Iran ;)

While World Cup visitors are likely to find a warm welcome, another stereotype, of German arrogance, may be harder to shake off. Giant billboard posters sponsored by drinks giant Coca-Cola have gone on show around Berlin, where the final will be played. They read: “Bern 1954, Munich 1974, Rome 1990” – the years and locations of Germany’s three World Cup wins. (from the first link)

Now that's not so much German arrogance than US corporate advertising opportunism.

BTW, that Fawlty sketch is on of the most popular pieces of British comedy around here.

*bows and goose-steps away*
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If football is war, the US has already lost to Iran.
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If Iraq was football, the US hasn't won a game since their stunning debut 3 years ago.
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. . . and the nation as a whole was promptly kicked from the Premiership.
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“When Prince Harry wore the Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party, he was not being outrageous, he just had bad taste. “

Or maybe he was trying to get closer to his heritage?
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Well, I'm not a hereditary monarch, but if your average Joe wore a nazi costume to a Halloween party I doubt much would come of it.
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I found the Germans to be quite nice when I visited last year.
posted by Cyrano at 5:48 AM on June 4, 2006

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