May the Farm be with you.
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I found this and wanted to share. It reminds me of Hardware Wars from the late seventies (mentioned here). Check out the organic trade association for more for-real information.
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All thats missing is Jar-Jar Pickles. Ha! Get it? See, Pickles come in a jar and Jar Jar is... ah, nevermind.
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see also The Meatrix(Flash).
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cute. fun.
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Kinda hokey, but I have a feeling people will think "giggle, that's funny...heh, organic, lols..."

I think the Meatrix drives the message home better.
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I get the feeling they lost sight of the message and started just having fun after the first 30 seconds. "Cuke ... cuke... reach out with your peelings ..."
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Cute, but annoyingly stops every 5 seconds. Is it Windows Media? Argh.

Yesterday I saw the legos version on Cartoon Network. More high-tech, but impressive.
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That's not a moon. That's a melon! The Death Melon!

that line seriously made my day
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Well I liked it.
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Very well done.
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Is that... legal?
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Yes it is legal. Parodies are allowed, just like all the other Star War fan films.

Whoever made this movie must have had a lot of time on their hands, though still pretty funny.
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