Jim Campbell
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Jim Campbell, artist, works with extremely low resolution LED images. Try the ”Ambiguous icons”, some of them animated. I can't explain why this attracts me, but I've posted some pics inside.
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Jim Campbell, picture 1

Jim Campbell, picture 2
posted by Termite at 11:03 AM on May 11, 2005

I saw this guy's work at the Wood Street Gallery in Pittsburgh, and it was very, very cool. Definitely check it out in person if you get the chance.

In one room, he suspended green LEDs in a 3-dimensional grid using vertical wire, such that there was a green dot at the corner of every cubic foot in the darkened room. Walking through the lights in the otherwise dark room was mesmerizing.
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The linked page hijacked my browser window and moved it to to my other screen. Bad show!
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Definitely check it out in person if you get the chance.

Judging from the screenshots at his web page alone, I will drop anything else and go, should he ever show up where I live.
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Wow, now I can't wait to see his work in person. Thanks!
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This is really good. Far better than most art linked here.
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Agreed, Klangklangston. Good stuff. I like the fact that he has a small section called "duds" which are exactly what they say they are...pieces of his which are clearly inferior (and mostly cliched) to the rest of his work.
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I'm really impressed by the "Memory Works" section : specifically the potraits of his parents with biologically engineered effects. Very interesting idea - I wish I could see it in person to get the full effect.
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Cool stuff.
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This is a good contrast about media. Internet : fast and now. Real time art like this... I know this would be a really cool way to spend a day absorbing in real life, but seeing it here and grasping it is difficult. Neat concepts. Flat out amazing.
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what ursus_comiter said..
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