It's like watching a car wreck
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Dr. Kevin Kavanaugh, ENT, is an ear, nose, and throat doctor. He likes to take educational pictures and videos of mucus, fungus, and ear maggots among other things so we can observe, learn, and go ewwww. (wmv req for vids) ((ear maggots are pretty nauseating))
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((ear maggots are pretty nauseating))

Now why did i go click on that link? Why? WHY?!!!
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I'm sure that is a fine post. I am convinced the ear maggots are sickening. I am not, not, not, going to click on that link.
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This is a very rare condition.


I don't usually use excessive caps, or exclamation points, but IMO the doc and we are NOT dealing with a very alert or hygenic individual here.
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doctors who share weird shit like this are cool
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Pest of the web.
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That's hot.
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Brilliant! Fascinating stuff, thanks for the links! I may offer to redesign his website for free in exchange for all the cool pics and info.
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It's with a sense of flair.
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Doc: Well Rudolf, we finally figured out what makes your ear red.

Rudolf: Is it pixy dust or Leprocaun tails?

Doc: No, it's maggots.

Rudolf: You mean like a magical christmas maggots?

Doc: No, malignant maggots, the base of which is lodged deep within your ear canal.

Rudolf: Oh... like a happy special-

Doc: You're going deaf.
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Well, I figured out who is responsible for the ear maggots.
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MMMmmm Ear maggots...
Someone should write this into the next Chappelle's Show, or South Park...
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"I hope some animal never bores a hole in my head and lays its eggs in my brain, because later you might think you're having a good idea but it's just eggs hatching."

--Jack Handey
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Ear maggot...soon to be a personal insult to someone near you.
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Maybe this is what Rush Limbaugh is thinking of when he's on a roll about "dope-smoking maggot-infested hippies"?
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ear maggots? I saw that in a star trek movie.

until I get health care I will continue to posit that my ear nose and throat do not exist, as neither do my cavitated molars nor my ulcerated stomach.
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Wow. Those are very cool and totaly revolting links. Thanks. I think.
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Apparently, I was sufficiently horrified so as to remove my ability to spell.
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[does not click the links]
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His name is "Kavanagh." I thought for a minute that he might be related to Dr. Andrea Kavanaugh, who wrote a fascinating book called "The Social Control of Technology in North Africa." I was all set to email her and rib her a bit about her "relative," so I was sorely disappointed to see the real spelling of Dr. Maggot's name...
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His name is "Kavanagh."

Umm...I was using the Anglo spelling as a sign of friendship across the pond? Oops. Nice catch Lio(u)slaith.
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I've seen a lot of medical illustations and thought I was a tough cookie.

I am not a tough cookie. In fact, I am about to misplace every one of my cookies, and I have a feeling if Dr. Kavanagh were around, he'd just smile that enigmatic smile of his and take a picture.
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well, i didn't click on the ear maggots, but i actually have polyps in my sinuses so that was actually informative : >
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/too much info
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