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Chutney Music :"For these people, Chutney was more than just music (.asf files), it was their life, it was their culture. For a people twice removed from their native land, Chutney was their connection to the traditions they might have otherwise never known." [via]
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3 quality links, thank you...

Every Indian I've met has had quite a few I.Q. points on me.

I like Indian Movies and Rohinton Mistry blew my mind.
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So happy to live in a world where "Onancock" gets a gajillion more comments than this...

But everyone in New York should head out to Church Avenue (at least I know you can find it there) and get a nice big goat roti and be happy they live here... and in Toronto, I don't know what you should do, but I bet you can work something out.
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Reading about it is so interesting (thanks, dhruva) that I want to like it, but I guess I'm just not a huge fan of the rhythmic, high-energy kind of dance music in the samples I sampled. I wish I could find more of the lyrics online; songs like "This Roti Too Big" and "Jahaaji Bhai" sound intriguing. A few lines from the latter (the title seems to translate as brotherhood of the boat) from an article on dougla/chutney/soca music:

If you want to know the truth
take a trip back to your roots
and somewhere on that journey
you go see a man in a dhoti
saying his prayers in front of a jhandi

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PY: i'm not a big fan of this music too, but it was a real weird feeling to hear familiar hindi movie songs remixed and distorted in such a way.
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I've got a feeling this music makes a lot more sense over a Carnival soundsystem than sitting in front of the computer. Kinda cool, though.
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I love this post. Thanks very, very much, dhruva!
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