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Carnival is home again.
The small Caribbean island of Trinidad has one of world's most lively Carnivals. An historical overview and explanation.
Lets start with the mas(querade); and Peter "see the music, hear the dance" Minshall without doubt the greatest ever carnival costume designer.
The music's inside.

Then of course there's the music and musical tradition like extempo
Relator vs. Superior.
Gypsy vs. Lady Africa.

There's Calypso

Lord Blakie - Steelband Clash
Mighty Chalkdust - Just So
Mighty Sparrow - Congo Man
Black Stalin - Tribute To Sundar Popo
Sparrow - Memories
David Rudder - Calypso Monarch (1987)
There's a whole bunch of Soca as well as Machel Mantano and Alison Hinds as well as Iwer George & TC.
There's Chutney
D'Hitman and Adesh Samaroo and Sonny Mann
and then finally there are the finest steel bands ever heard on the planet :
Curry Tabanca
Soca Worriors
Pan Lamentation
Thunder Coming
Sorry I have to go jump up now.
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Nice post. Thank you.
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Thanks. I Love this stuff. The extempos are a real treat.
For those keeping track, J'ouvay Morning is Monday Feb 23, followed in rapid succession by Mardi Gras, and (h)Ash Wednesday. It would be nice to revisit this subject when Carnival is over and the results of all the competitions have been announced. At least it would be nice for adamvasco, yertle and me.
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And me, I've been, Go
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David Rudder! Mighty Sparrow! Chutney! Soca! :D

I had a professor in university, an ethnomusicologist whose area of specialization was in calypso. I had the honour of transcribing her interview tapes with some of these greats, along with the behind-the-scenes people like the arrangers, music producers and distributors. What a fascinating window into a musical style and an industry we in North America don't often see.

I remember one arranger boasting on the tape that he had buried some drumbeats commonly used in Orisha ceremonies in a soca track he'd arranged. Dancers subsequently went into trance on the dance floor, and of course, the track was a huge hit.

Man, I need to dig out my old recordings of this. Thanks for the reminder, adamvasco!
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For the 3 of you: Here is a good resource for this year's Carnival and music.
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Trinidad Carnival 2009 Results
Fay Ann Lyons 2009 Power Soca monarch winning performance.
Chalkdust wins 8th Calypso Monarch Crown and Mac Farlane takes King & Queen.
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