Brains, brains, brains!
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Brain Biodiversity Bank Atlases “A world resource for illustrations of whole brains and stained sections from a great variety of mammals” featuring Navigable Atlas of the Dolphin Brain | Burchell’s Zebra | Weasel | Tasmanian Devil | Axolotl and more. From Axolotl to Zebra, eh. This has been around for years, and maybe I’m the last to find it.
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This is really cool.

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Let the Terry Schiavo jokes begin...!
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Ha. That last link in the FPP goes to the Zoology 402 (intro neuroscience course) website. I'm actually teaching that course in the Fall. Axolotl brains. (That may have to change, I'm more partial to mammals myself.)

The more direct link to the Brain Museum is It's a joint effort by Michigan State University and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Most of the brain images are available for public use, provided you follow usage guidelines. I'm quite fond of the 9-banded armadillo brain myself, and use some shots of it on my own website.

The guy responsible for most of this is Dr. John (Jack) Johnson, quite a good guy. I've borrowed brain casts from his lab for several courses I've taught. When he retired, our lab took one of his old freezers... Man, that was weird. He left it full of specimens. Jars and jars of brains - horse brains, cat brains, kangaroo brains, you name it. If anybody wants a bunch of jars of random pickled mammal brains, he's the guy to ask.

(Confused me though, the first time I saw a copy of "Brushfire Fairytales" I couldn't figure out why the old guy in the Neuroscience department would be putting out an album of guitar music.)
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Kind of recursive, learning about brains...
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Completely awesome - my girlfriend's gonna love this. Thank you.
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