November 15, 2000
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The best president you'll never have, Martin Sheen of The West Wing, has some interesting things to say about George W. Bush's alcoholism. Sayeth Sheen: "When it was revealed that he had a DWI [a charge of driving while impaired], he said he kept it a secret because he didn't want his daughters to know. That is so much horseshit… In the [twelve step] program, we say very clearly: The only things that hurt us are our secrets... I don't go after him because I think he lacks character. It's obvious to me how little character he possesses."
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He didn't use the 12 step program, he used Jesus. Not that I believe in Jesus.
posted by thirteen at 1:31 PM on November 15, 2000

Guess I should have read the link first, Mr Sheen acknowledges that Bush did not use the 12 steps. I disagree with his apparent belief that the 12 steps are the only way to go. As for his opinion about what to tell children, I'm not so sure Mr. Sheen's parental advice carries much weight.
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Martin Sheen is a now presidential moral authority? Oh, that's right, he plays a president on TeeVee.
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So do the "real" ones. Mostly.
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The most important part of this comment is Sheen's observation that there is "little character". In fact, the character we see is of an narcissistically involved, arrogant, entitled, cry baby. If in fact he is elected, he will be an embarassment to the U.S. His behavior has changed little since his days at Yale. Do a little digging in to his behavior in those days, and you will be appalled.
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Don't really have to do much digging... Just the stuff I've read here on MeFi and Slate is enough to convince me he'll make a total fool of himself as President.

"Jean Poutine"

That's what he thought the Canadian Prime Minister's name was. Sigh.
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The "poutine incident" was my favorite gaffe of the whole election. That reporter should get a medal for giving great prank.
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'scuse me, that comic should get a medal.
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speaking of the poutine incident, lately i've been a big fan of the This Hour has 22 Minutes tv show. I recommend checkin' it out.
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Alcoholics Anonymous is just Jesus hiding behind a thin veil.
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What is your knowledge of A.A. to make a statement like that?
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not necessarily.

although you do have to acknowledge a higher power, I know of someone in the program who chose captain kirk as her higher power.

apparently, it worked for her.

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Saw this on MuchMusic the other day...

It would appear Stockwell Day has promised that his party will hold a national referendum on any issue that 3% of the Canadian population sees fit.

Of course, This Hour Has 22 Minutes jumped all over this by offering to host a referendum on their site.

Go have a look. :)
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To quote the preamble of Alcoholics Anonymous:

"ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety."
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I think I'd rather be a friend of Bill D. than George W.

It was pointed out somewhere that much of GWB's behaviour is symptomatic of one who is in an extended period of denying his alcoholism: in A.A. terms, the time before you "hit bottom". To me, that makes sense. Knowing a few people who have been through that stage, I can say with some conviction that it makes a person scarily unreliable.
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Feh. "Friend of Bill W." Which has a perfect irony.
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Martin Sheen is a now presidential moral authority? Oh, that's right, he plays a president on TeeVee.

I think Sheen's moral authority, such as it is, derives from his lifetime of anti-nuclear and peace activism rather than his role on a TV show. Describing himself as a "Catholic activist," Sheen has been arrested more than 60 times for protests, sit-ins and other rabble rousing.
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There's a good article on Sheen's "moral authority" over at MBTV, by an author who "quickly abandoned all hope of satirizing Sheen's sincerity".
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What is your knowledge of A.A. to make a statement like that?

Here's a good start for you:
Charles Bufe, Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?, 2nd edition
Twelve Step Horror Stories edited by Rebecca Fransway.

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Any particular quotes from those sources that defend your assertion that A.A. is Jesus? Nowhere in official, approved A.A. literature is the name of Jesus mentioned.
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A rose is a rose is a rose...or whatever.
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