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Nice article on Stinky Pee, which is a subject that comes up every spring in these parts. Based on my flawed, limited, and entirely anecdotal research I had always been a proponent of the anosmia theory. It's good to have some references to back me up next spring!
Nice find, Melinika
posted by Floydd at 7:36 AM on July 22, 2005

Good site. The writing is at just about the right level to make it interesting for everybody.

It's too bad there wasn't more information on the real cause of stinky pee. It's one of those things I've been "studying" for years. Did you know that you can smell it in your urine within as little as 45 minutes?
posted by mikeweeney at 8:40 AM on July 22, 2005

Muskmelons have the same effect, but different odor.
posted by primdehuit at 5:36 PM on July 22, 2005

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