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He broke all the rules... because there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and no way out... He's a one-man army... He's the voice over king Don LaFontaine. [link to MP3 interview in case you want to skip all the text]
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Obligatory MP3.
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Speaking as a voice acting fan and aspiring voice actor, I love LaFontaine. Seriously, someone needs to make a biographical documentary about this guy. The trailer might go something like this:

"In a world where Hollywood produces hundreds of movies every year, one man's voice speaks louder than anyone else. 'Trailer Man: The Don LaFontaine Story.' Rated PG."
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This is funny, because I was just trying to do the Don LaFontaine (didn't know his name, but saw one short TV feature story on him several years ago) voice a couple hours ago to test a new shotgun mic.
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One of my favorite trailers ever was for Comedian, which is all about the voiceover - and a hilarious cliché pile-on. It was done by another veteran, Hal Douglas.

There's also this great bit on NPR where he does Don-style promos for several radio shows.

He did the same parlor trick for Dateline. Even better: Don and several other voice guys sending themselves up in 5 Men in a Limo.
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I saw a TV biography of him a couple of years ago, and remember being struck by what an SOB he is. With great talent comes great ego.
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Hmm. Pity you couldn't find some sort of quote or link to post, JeffK.
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My cousin is also a voice talent. You may recognize his voice from the intro to the Weather Channel's original "local forecast" segments (before they switched to the computer.)
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I heard LaFontaine on an NPR program a few months ago, and he came across as pretty funny and smart.
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I'm getting pretty tired of this guy in every freakin' trailer...it's starting to distract from the actual content. "Oh, it's Voiceover Guy!" And 90% of what he is saying is completely ridiculous.
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09scar, THANK YOU! A friend of mine showed me a bootleg copy of that 5 Men and A Limo short several years ago, and I thought it was genius. But then my friend lost his copy in a move, and I've always wanted to see it again. Now, thanks to one man, this old favorite is at last available on home video, featuring all my favorite characters!

My favorite part is where they all say "Now."
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