Futurama's been pre-empted by football again,
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Futurama's been pre-empted by football again, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.
posted by teradome (16 comments total)
I wholeheartedly agree. I really do enjoy Futurama... it deserves a real time slot. What about offing the ever-yawner King of the Hill?

I'll sign.
posted by hijinx at 3:38 PM on November 21, 2000

Um. What about the fact that FUTURAMA pretty much sucks? And has since the post-pilot episode?
posted by peterme at 4:06 PM on November 21, 2000

King of the Hill is about as good as it is right now. Simpsons are running with the same schtick, they actually re-use plots just change some characters around. Futurama, much the same, not many jokes, a few out of place references, credits. Family Guy while ignoring the plot, goes overly wacky, and ultimately succeeds as a funny show to look forward to.
posted by tiaka at 4:18 PM on November 21, 2000

You can have your pitiful foosball games after you pry my Futurama video from my cold dead hands.

or something to that effect.
posted by schlomo at 4:27 PM on November 21, 2000

Futurama is one of the funniest shows on tv. Peterme should be submerged in Slurm until he retracts his statement.
posted by captaincursor at 5:08 PM on November 21, 2000

Last Sunday's Simpsons was amusing. How could you not like it when Marge said "He'd be cute if he wasn't so idealistic."
posted by corpse at 5:38 PM on November 21, 2000

Futurama will never even come remotely close to replacing the Simpsons. Nothing touches Simpsons.
posted by grank at 7:01 PM on November 21, 2000

Futurama's made me laugh now and then, but it still seems like a show from some alternate universe where the only Trek is Voyager, the only Chris Carter product is Millennium, the only Michael Mann show was "Private Eye," and the only Groening is Futurama. And they have 60 Minutes II without having 60 Minutes.
posted by lileks at 8:36 PM on November 21, 2000

The Simpsons have slid awfully. I wish they'd just rename it "Zany Homer Cartoon Time" and put it on Saturday mornings and get it over with. Futurama was consistently funnier and more creative than The Simpsons last season. Sad but true.
posted by frenetic at 10:03 PM on November 21, 2000

I agree. Futurama is creeping up on the Simpsons for the "funniest show on TV" slot.

And no, "South Park" is not in the running. Not even close.
posted by Succa at 10:28 PM on November 21, 2000

The Simpsons occasionally rocks and usually blows -- although it's still the best damned cartoon still in production. Futurama just sucks but, as in real life, sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes that's a bad thing (Lileks, as usual, nails exactly why that is).

The consistently best situation-cartoon (sit-toon?) on the air, in reruns only alas, is The Critic on Comedy Central. No contest.
posted by bradlands at 10:59 PM on November 21, 2000

If we want to get into favorites, I see your The Critic and raise you a The Tick.
posted by frenetic at 11:07 PM on November 21, 2000


The Tick is the funniest freakin cartoon ever penned!
posted by terrapin at 7:00 AM on November 22, 2000

I'm looking forward to the new live-action Tick series, myself.
posted by Aaaugh! at 7:54 AM on November 22, 2000

King of the Hill - pretty good this season so far.Simpsons - As weak as it was last season; in other words quite pathetic.Futurama - I wouldn't know since I haven't been able to see it.Down with drunken fat bastard couch potato loser american football watchers. I'm starting to believe that american football is even more stupid than baseball.
posted by Mr. skullhead at 3:08 PM on November 23, 2000

Y'know, the Simpsons certainly aren't at the level they were 4 years ago, but even weak, sucking Simpsons is so much better than so much else that's out there. It's a pretty sad statement, really.
posted by cCranium at 4:42 AM on November 24, 2000

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