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Why you yellow rat bastard...When I get ahold of you, I’ll put two zigs on both cheeks. You’ll remember me for the rest of your.... I know you! Don't worry! Louis 'Red' Deutsch spouted perhaps the filthiest, yet most eloquent cursing you may ever hear. I got an underground tape of the prank phone calls from a buddy of mine back in high school. Certainly it's influenced everyone from Matt Groening to the Jerky Boys. The prank calls to Red have even had a (lousy) movie feature (with perhaps the best casting I've ever seen). More than 25 years later I still laugh my head off at even the cadence of Red's profanity.
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There are a couple good underground tapes like this. I have one of two men Peter & Ray, drunkenly arguing and threatening each other, etc.

Funny stuff.
posted by Smedleyman at 12:38 PM on October 2, 2005

Thanks for the flashback, Smedleyman...I've got to find an mp3 of Raymond and Peter to replace my tape (still have the tape, but own no tape player!).
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I have more than a few friends whose email threads with me devolve into verbatim ray and pete dialogue... While visiting San Francisco a few years back, I made a pilgrimage to the lower Haight to photograph the Pepto-Bismal palace and O'Lunneys (anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about -- get a copy of "Shut Up, Little Man" ASAP!)

The Wipeouters (former members of Devo) have a song called "Shut Up, Little Man" with excerpts from the tapes.
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wow, that watermark's pretty much destroyed the point of the audio samples. Still, funny.
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Umm, where exactly can I hear these mp3s?
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Is this something I'd need a telephone to to understand?

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ya cacksecka!
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oh the memories...i used to have a dub of tube bar on cassette (with bizarre ride 2 the pharcyde on the other side). ever since then, all the other prank call recordings have paled in comparison...
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A friend of mine just finshed the job of remastering the whole collection of shut up little man (he worked with Eddie Lee Sausage for several years). A full compilation should soon be available on CD. Sorry, no more info beyond that.
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Ah, memories (thanks Smedleyman, you yellow rat bastard). My copy of the Tube Bar tapes, sent years ago by my brother-in-law the semi-famous jazz musician, had the classic Buddy Rich rant on the other side. Plus assorted swell stuff like the [definitely NSFW] Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin promo [MP3] for their movie The Caddy.
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I'm probably not going to listen to the mp3s right away or anything, but that picture with Rocky Marciano is really amusing.
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Umm, where exactly can I hear these mp3s?

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When I get ahold of you, I’ll put two zigs on both cheeks.

For great justice!
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Thanks for this!

My fellow workers are sitting at their desks, headphones on, making wild faces at me...
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"Whaddy tryin to make a jerk out of yourself?"

I like how if you quote from Red, if there's someone else who knows about it it's like seeing another person who's tripping. There's a whole private world of joyful yet furtive experiance there.
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