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Minnesota Birdsong: An interactive poster Cute interface with birdsong content provided by the always amazing Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
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This is literally "Why I can't sleep at 4am."
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If you're interested in Minnesota birding, there's always the great Birdchick.
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Cornell Lab of Ornithology also recently launched a free bird ID app. Currently iOS only, Android due in Spring.
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Oona approves of this, on a rainy day that kept the birds away from the feeder this morning.
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This is super duper awesome. Was coming in here to talk about the Bird ID app, but I see zamboni got to it already. Yay!
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Here's a non-interactive version.
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So at my last apartment, we had a porch where we could hang bird feeders. We got lots of stupid house finches and house sparrows, lots of mourning doves, the occasional chickadee, and exactly one pair of cardinals that would come by pretty regularly. The cardinals were the best because they'd always announce their arrival so we could be sure to see them and say hi, or they'd sit up in the tree and make their laser sounds, and they'd do cute things like feed one another. By the time we moved out (about a year ago), we were really good at recognizing cardinal sounds.

As soon as I clicked on the cardinal, our gray cat got up and ran to the window to see if the birds were back.
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The birdies won't sing for me.

I am sad.

Why won't they sing for me?
(do I need to have some sort of app loaded?)
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I'd like this as a real poster, please, with a PV-powered sample player that does the tweeting when you touch the boids.

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The Minnesota DNR site is consistently fabulous. You may remember it from such features as the Lake Finder. This poster is especially awesome because the birds picked are a pretty representative cross-section of much of the midsection of America and Canada. Here in Oklahoma I have seen all of those birds except the gray jay and the summer tanager, but on the other hand I never saw a summer tanager when I was living in Minnesota, either.
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This is so great, thank you very much for posting.
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I love how they cock their little heads and tail-feathers when you mouse over each bird.
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