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The National Center for Biotechnology Information Bookshelf. I was searching for an online version of the CD that came with my Neuroscience, 3rd ed. (Purves, et al). What I found was pretty amazing - a full, searchable online version of my book (albeit the older 2nd ed.), including full-color diagrams. The NLM under the NIH has a division called NCBI which hosts a horde of other cool books. [Other aspects of NCBI covered previously; book archive previously on AskMe; more inside]
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In addition to this archive, I found the official website for my book's extra content, which is actually much more robust than I expected. There are some highlighted images, descriptions and pronunciations (it was nice to know how to say 'putamen'). They even have an iPod edition of the software. (I find the picture of Franciscus Sylvius rocking out in the style of an iPod ad hilarious.) I never did before, but now I want an iPod.
posted by blendor at 8:25 AM on November 14, 2005

The free text on the NCBI bookshelf rocks. The NCBI's PubMed Central also has free text of entire journals.
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Definitely. I hadn't seen your askme comment before, and I thought this deserved its own FPP.
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I use Entrez Global to search through all databases.
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