George Best
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George Best was buried today. Yes, I know he was covered earlier but he deserves mentioning. He was my hero.
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Some pictures from the funeral: Cregagh estate, Salutes and Applause, Stomont crowds, a son's respect, former players.

God rest.
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Have just moved to Belfast from the States, (so of course I'd never heard of George Best...I know, I know...I'm sorrrrrry), so felt had to learn everything I could about him - though I know nothing of the game of football, watching the clips it's obvious he was a great artist - his movement is full of wit, creating narrative in real time.

Anyhew, felt I had to go to the funeral to report for the paaaawhdcast and found the emotion at times overwhelming. At one point looked around while sappy Brian Kennedy was singing a crappy song from Les Misarable and literally everyone as far as the eye could see was crying.

And right now everyone is out getting drunk.
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All due respect to your feelings, but this should have gone in the earlier thread, which is still open.
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