In Search of Mornington Crescent
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In Search of Mornington Crescent Every wondered what the rules of this vital part of Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (the antidote to panel games) might be? Well you won't find them here, but what you will enjoy are some excellent jokes at the expense of many British institutions (if you have real player or the alternative installed). Worth listening to for how the game was played during the restoration. Anybody care for a game? I'll start ... erm ... Tower Bridge ...
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Damn. I just lost that other game. But there's still hope... Mornington Crescent! Oh. Wait. Well, Union Square then!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 7:44 AM on December 24, 2005

The sequence at the cricket match nearly caused me to break a rib laughing. I know this is puerile. I don't in the least bit care.
posted by alloneword at 8:21 AM on December 24, 2005

That was funny. I don't expect any foreigners to understand half the humour, mind.

Thanks, feelinglistless.
posted by salmacis at 9:28 AM on December 24, 2005

Tower Bridge? I'm not sure you can start on a diagonal like that. Surely it breaks Rule 5, especially as it's December. Better start on a oblique mainline. Kings Cross, say.

So, yes: Kings Cross...
posted by DangerIsMyMiddleName at 1:03 PM on December 24, 2005

You can play online here.

Top post.
posted by MrMustard at 1:05 PM on December 24, 2005

Kings Cross... well i'll have to say...

Green Park
posted by quarsan at 1:59 PM on December 24, 2005

DangerIsMyMiddleName: I think you forgot the amendment to rule 5 which was added after the Romley Incident. But let's see ... Kings Cross ... oh ...

The Embankment.
posted by feelinglistless at 2:26 PM on December 24, 2005

Sorry just saw Green Park. That invalidates Embankment by quite some margin. Ok. Must think. Aha!

posted by feelinglistless at 2:29 PM on December 24, 2005

St Johns Wood

stares confidently
posted by DangerIsMyMiddleName at 3:10 PM on December 24, 2005

Oooh. Now.

Turnpike Lane.

posted by feelinglistless at 4:26 PM on December 24, 2005


*sly grin*
posted by normy at 6:25 PM on December 24, 2005

The DeGrassi Defence? whoa! Old School!

posted by DangerIsMyMiddleName at 2:54 AM on December 25, 2005

Bond Street.

(Happy Christmas!)
posted by feelinglistless at 5:00 AM on December 25, 2005

Tooting Broadway
posted by Oriole Adams at 6:20 AM on December 25, 2005

Using home gound advantage I can play

Mornington Crescent!

Just goes to show you can't make assumptions about your opponents...
posted by yoz420 at 8:43 AM on December 25, 2005

From the I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue website -

...this hugely popular panel game regularly features high-calibre comedians such as... Sandy Toksvig.

posted by the cuban at 11:02 AM on December 25, 2005

Using home gound advantage I can play

Oh, so sorry. Hilbert's holiday exception, you did announce on Christmas day. You're in knip.

Walthamstow Central, of course.
posted by eriko at 7:07 PM on December 25, 2005


(Thanks eriko, I forgot about that. Silly.)
posted by feelinglistless at 8:03 AM on December 26, 2005

As it's Boxing Day now, I must say the rules have changed slightly.

Maida Vale. Obviously.
posted by LondonYank at 12:26 PM on December 26, 2005

I've always wondered why no one has never put out a home version of Mornington Crescent. All you need is a set of cards, some jacks, a die, a spinner, and a board. Every other part of the game you can make from household items.
posted by re6smith at 5:06 PM on December 27, 2005

Liverpool Street.

re6smith: Where would you find that much soil if you haven't got a garden?
posted by feelinglistless at 4:35 AM on December 28, 2005

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