New Musical Experiences
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New Musical Experiences. The written-up and expanded notes for a talk given at a seminar called 'The Future of Music' at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
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Very interesting. That will take some time to read and digest.
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How popular are sites like Last FM and Pandora? I recently read a review of these and similar sites in Wired, I believe, and was considering signing up with Last FM. This article provides a decent overview of it but doesn't indicate popularity. Given MySpace and Friendster, I don't know if its worth my time to deal with another social networking/software site.
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Any way to print that?
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Last FM (audioscrobbler) is pretty simple to use. Just sign up and download a plugin for your media player and away you go. The social aspects are not that important (other than for the automatic music taste matching) unless you want them to be. There are currently 255 (short int limit?)mefites in the metafilter group there.

Pandora is even easier. Just pick a band you like...and go..
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I liked this post, and forwarded it on to a couple of people--thanks.
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This is a great post--many, many thanks! It'll take a while to digest....
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Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO and a consummate showman, makes a play of this whenever he announces a new iPod in front of the an audience at Apple Expos, pulling it from a different smaller pocket in his jeans each time. One wonders where he'll have to pull the even smaller iPods of the future from.

Heh heh heh.

As for Donna Summer, well, that was a name chosen to make trouble anyway... and now he just goes by his real name.
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Looks sort of interesting. I'll read it tonight.

Does it say that rock should just give it up and friggin DIE already?
Unless it does it's wrong right from the premise.
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This is a great read.

I'm assuming there weren't many posts because everybody's still working through it all.. :)
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thanks srboisvert - i've been away from my newsreader and was waiting for dan to post this... everything he says is fascinating, especially the 'Reinventing Radio' stuff. Tom Coates at Plasticbag also used to work at the Beeb on projects with Dan, and has been headhunted by yahoo..
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