Cool old time music
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Uncle Neptune's Song Factory is a treasure trove of old time music preformed by Mr. Neptune himself with his ukulele. The blog also sometimes features mp3s of the original 78s. From the Uncle's introduction "I have only to offer to you the songs that help make my world more sweet, and it is my hope that it may do so for you."
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posted by wheelieman at 7:56 AM on January 11, 2006

Sweet. If you like Uncle Neptune, you might want to check out the beautiful Janet Klein (whom I want to marry). Unfortunately, like Ms. Klein and the redoubtable Ian Whitcombe, Uncle Neptune's spirit is willing, but his voice is weak, weak, weak. I wish that some even moderately capable singer would take up this material in the charmingly immersive way of Klein, Whitcombe and Neptune.
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I suppose it's "Whitcomb," isn't it? Without the e.
posted by Faze at 8:44 AM on January 11, 2006

Outstanding. I love it. I have large collection of music from the 1920s, and am familiar with the era: this fellow does a fantastic job of staying true to the original tunes. Great post.
posted by jdroth at 8:56 AM on January 11, 2006

Just watched "Sweet & Lowdown" and "See You in My Dreams" has been stuck in my head.
posted by StickyCarpet at 9:19 AM on January 11, 2006

Excellent post. I can't wait to get home and listen to some of these!
posted by OmieWise at 10:12 AM on January 11, 2006

old time music?

You mean Rock'n Roll?
posted by HTuttle at 12:35 PM on January 11, 2006

Define Old
posted by wheelieman at 6:06 AM on January 12, 2006

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