The Adaption to my Generation
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The Adaption to my Generation - daily portraits of Jonathan Keller...from 1998 to the present (as he states, "The project will continue until the day I die. Only then will it be complete, and worth its true value."). Also of note...his links page, which includes links to other "passage of time" (like the Portrait of Louise Anna Kubelka from birth to adulthood and Nicholas Nixon's "25 Years of the Brown Sisters") and "obsessive" (like Eat22 and 365 Plrds) photo projects...via Information Aesthetics.
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This guy has been discussed here before, good to see that he's still sticking with it. With some neat UI (pic in one place and scrolling to move through time) this good be even better.
posted by zeoslap at 6:11 AM on January 26, 2006

there is something really interesting about the way the photograph has changed the way we look at the world. its like little slices of time.
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Here is the previous discussion from all the way back in 2002!
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Bah, neither google, yahoo, nor the "post preview search" turned up anything for ""

Booo. Oh well. The links are cool, I think.
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Yeah I had to search for 'picture every day' had I not seen it the first time I'd have never found it either.
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Good post.
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365 polaroids would be expensive (usually $1 a shot) but I guess some art costs money :)
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He uses a digital camera:
The whole project began out of spite. I had just purchased a digital camera (Nikon CoolPix 900), and it was rather expensive. My girlfriend asked me why I bought it and what I was going to do with it. I explained. She asked me if I was "going to use it every day", with sarcastic inflection. I told her yes, and resolved to do so. The project began there. ... I had wanted to do this with a Polaroid prior to the digital camera, but couldn't justify the expense of doing so at the time.
He's starting to kind of look like this though.
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Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Malkovich? Maaaaalkovich!
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Here's a link to another site of daily pictures (can't seem to link directly to the pics), though the intent isn't artistic, rather it's practical (monitoring the progress of his physical fitness/physique):
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Wow, that last guy looks like an ad for the Atlas systen or something. That's pretty impressive.
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Kinda is Jawn. He started with a really basic and ugly "blog" about his attempt at weightloss. The impressive thing was his incredible dedication and consistency with journaling his progress.

Now he's capitalizing on his "system", though iirc he's been pretty darn frank about his system: lots of hard work.
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I'm way tempted to dowload all those photos, or at least the weekly ones and animate them. It'd be like an overweight Bruce Banner turning into a bronze Hulk while his shorts change color. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to do anything like that.
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Damn, I saw a great project along these lines recently: a father who took regular (not daily) photographs of his two sons which were absolutely stunning - one son took it rather seriously, the other larked about pulling faces. And, since the dad was a professional photographer or artist, rather than someone simply documenting, the images were absolutely beautiful - but my foggy brain won't reveal a name, nor even if I saw the work online, in print or in a gallery. Don't suppose anyone knows what I'm talking about?
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