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Who watches Sunset Boulevard for Norma Desmond's 1932 Isotta Fraschini Town Car Landolet Limousine? These folks [scroll down for the film list], who also like the "VERY KOOL maroon late-1940's Ford Coupe" used by the cop-killers in The Onion Field, Steve McQueen's "milquetoast baby-blue 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook convertible" in The Blob, Fred Astaire's end-of-the-world Ferrari and lots more.
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Found while searching for info about Altman's Brewster McCloud, which apparently has a pretty good chase scene.
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See also: Internet Movie Cars Database.
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Neatness. Thanks!
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Plots as summarized by a guy with a car fetish:
The film opens with a "down on his luck" Hollywood screenwriter, Joe Gillis (Holden), fleeing west down Sunset Boulevard away from finance-company men who are attempting to repossess his 1946 Plymouth convertible. To elude them, he turns-into an old broken-down mansion, and parks his Mayflower drop-top out of sight in the garage... when Joe Gillis pulls into Norma Desmond's garage, he discovers, parked "up on blocks", a partially covered 1932 Isotta Fraschini Town Car Landolet Limousine that is equipped with real leopard-skin uphoulstry, dual side-mount spare tires, and wicker side body covering. Apparently, according to the license plate, the car has been derelict and abandoned for 20-years, since some time around 1932. Wonder why? But, WOW, what a find! If you ever had the fantasy of discovering a "Duesenberg in a Barn", this is what it might be like, and this scene alone makes the film worth a look. Too kool.
I want one about shoes.
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Don't let Norma know, it would break her heart.
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I love old cars, and if I were rich I would surely own three or four. But I watch Sunset Boulevard so I can learn where Paul Auster has gotten most of his plot ideas.
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I especially liked the "right-clicking not allowed" feature of the site.
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