Cheney's Got a Gun
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It was only a matter of time before someone recorded "Cheney's Got a Gun" and made it into a Flash cartoon. Or the Dick Cheney Quail Hunt game. After all, he's our Notorious V.P.
posted by Soliloquy (13 comments total)
A surprisingly serviceable Aerosmith imitation (given the traditional standards of Internet parody).
posted by dgaicun at 12:02 AM on February 24, 2006

Hold on a second....

The Vice President shot someone? Holy shit!
posted by Effigy2000 at 12:28 AM on February 24, 2006

Due credit: "those people" who wrote the song are Bob Rivers and his crew, the Seattle morning radio team here in Seattle. While I'm not a fan since Bob was too moderate and Bush-apologizing for my tastes back in 2003, Bob's been a long time radio guy, including on WAAF back in Boston in the 80's, and has been involved with parody songs for ages. His "Twisted Tunes" crew puts out songs like this all the time, and you've probably heard quite a few without knowing who did them. You can browse the many he's done over the years at his site.

Probably his best known stuff was the Twisted Tunes Christmas album with the "Twelve Pains of Christmas" song ("Rigging up the lights! Hangovers! Five months of bills!" etc), or possibly the "What if God Smoked Cannibus" parody of Joan Osborne's tune. The crew does some pretty amazing parodies- far better than most, with professional mixing and instrumentals true to the original, as well as pretty darn good vocal impressionists that almost- if not quite- make you think the original singer actually did the parody.
posted by hincandenza at 12:34 AM on February 24, 2006

"It was only a matter of time"

Yep, a lot less time than than you thought

posted by NinjaPirate at 12:55 AM on February 24, 2006

Yeah, the song is surprisingly professional. It deserves animation that is less shit.
posted by Soulfather at 1:05 AM on February 24, 2006

How Dick Cheney Could Just Kill A Man (by Ricky Dollars...first song in the player...)
posted by tpl1212 at 3:31 AM on February 24, 2006

"Halliburton - that's gangsta for certain"
"Would you throw in the towel like your name is Colin Powell?"

The lyrics to this are great, I just wish they had gotten somebody better to perform it.
Thanks tpl1212.
posted by bashos_frog at 4:37 AM on February 24, 2006

I was impressed by the song yesterday, but also thought the animation could have been much better.
posted by OmieWise at 5:54 AM on February 24, 2006

"It was only a matter of time"
Yep, a lot less time than than you thought

...even a lot less time than NinjaPirate thought.

Little-known fact, speaking of less time: That original "Dick Cheney Quail Hunt" game was on the Internets at 9:30 a.m. the day after the accident was first announced.
posted by soyjoy at 7:18 AM on February 24, 2006

I searched first, honest. *grumble*
posted by Soliloquy at 8:31 AM on February 24, 2006

It may have come across that way, but I didn't mean my comment as a call-out, just an interestng tidbit.
posted by soyjoy at 9:14 AM on February 24, 2006

hincandenza, I've always loved Bob Rivers. My favorite of his Twisted Tunes is "Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear."

Lacy things the wife is missin'
Didn't ask for her permission
I'm wearing her clothes
Her silk pantyhose
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

In the store there's a teddy
With little straps like spaghetti
It holds me so tight
Like handcuffs at night
Walkin' 'round in women's underwear

It brightens my holiday season year after year.
posted by leftcoastbob at 12:19 PM on February 24, 2006

And the parody on the AC/DC classic that turns into "Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep" is another all-time favorite.
posted by leftcoastbob at 12:21 PM on February 24, 2006

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