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Pleasing to the eyes. Degas once said that “its essential to do the same subject over again, ten times, a hundred times" but it looks like it took him at least four hundred times. Artst.org is a nice and simple resource with high resolution paintings by picasso, matisse, degas, and okeefe as well. Its fun to browse by date.
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I would love to follow Degas around a Jeff Koons retrospective. Maybe he'd kick over the basketballs and set the place on fire.
posted by The Jesse Helms at 1:54 PM on March 15, 2006

This is excellent, I've only been playing with the picasso, but its so pretty, and comprehensive and putting them in order of date is like taking an art history class on the cheap! nice post!
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[ths s good]
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Georgia O'Keefe, always one of my favorites. Picasso-not so much. He's so talented in so many ways, but most of his work just doesn't do it for me. Degas portraits of dancers and bathing beauties are well done. I love this site-it's so nice to be able to view so many works of art in one place. Thanks for the post!
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Fantastic site, thank you very much for posting it!
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Thanks for the post, lot's of good stuff here.
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Why Georgia O'Keefe is randomly included is anyone's guess.


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What, you don't like yonic flowers?
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Georgia O'Keefe is a genius. I wonder if you guys have seen her paintings in person?
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O'Keeffe, by the way.

O'Keefe-one-F is the appliance company. Two Fs for the painter.
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Cool post.
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True, fire&wings, but if you play that game, it goes:

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Lovely, lovely site! I adore Degas and having so many high-res images in one place is perfect.
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petsounds, marvellous clear, detailed, beautiful images. Treasure. Thank you.
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