Christine Chubbuck
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"In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living color, you are going to see another first -- attempted suicide." The 1976 multiple-Oscar-winning movie Network is said to have been partially inspired by this suicide. [Aug. 4, 1974 Washington Post story (PDF)]. This guy doubts that a tape exists.
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Although he's briefly mentioned in the article, this story seems quite reminiscent of R. Budd Dwyer's televised suicide.
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I just read about this for the first time the other day. Interesting stuff.
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I saw the Dwyer suicide on live tv. I remember jumping up and running toward the television as if I could stop it.
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weird. I've considered making a FPP out of Budd Dwyer's suicide but backed out of it for some reason. Kudos, spock. this stuff is fascinating.
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damn that's a sad story. this is apparantly her sole available pic...

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Wikipedia's list of unusual deaths looks like hours of entertainment.
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Yeah, jewzilla. You find her mentioned on pages of similarly strange deaths/suicides like: and this guy's Top 25 Crazy Deaths (on which Apollo 1 should not appear, IMHO).
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I considered bringing Dwyer's televised suicide into the FPP, but figured it would only result in "why can't more Republican's do that" comments.
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From jewzilla's link:

207 BC: Chrysippus, Greek stoic philosopher, is believed to have died of laughter after seeing a donkey eating figs.

I guess you had to be there...
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where's the google vid?

[this is interesting, though. television personality growing pains]
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where's the google vid?

there are LOTS of folks who have tried to find copies of the video. i believe that still resides in the posession of the local p.d. and may never see the light of day.
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wiki death list
2003: Brian Wells, pizza deliveryman, was killed by a time bomb which was fastened around his neck. He was apprehended by the police after robbing a bank, and claimed he had been forced to do it by three people who had put the bomb around his neck and would kill him if he refused. The bomb then exploded killing him. >

From Heist, a new show on NBC:

James and Mickey were scoping out a bank and pontificating on the morals of thievery when a pizza delivery kid wearing a parka came inside. Suspicious, they took off and called the cops… a good idea since the kid had a bomb strapped onto his body. The kid made off with sacks full of dough, but the bomb exploded outside the bank, killing him flat.

The cops found a radio detonator at the scene of the crime, and Amy realized the kid wasn’t a bank robber – he was a hostage forced into the job.

Amy learned that another pizza delivery guy had been reported missing. Putting two and two together, she realized that someone was kidnapping pizza delivery guys to use as suicide bank robbers.

Wow, they didn't even try to pretend they didn't rip that off.
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ninjew, didn't that deliveryman possibly put the bomb on himself? and have you ever heard of the Law & Order series(es)?
They brag about ripping the story right out of the Post headlines.
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ninjew, didn't that deliveryman possibly put the bomb on himself? and have you ever heard of the Law & Order series(es)?
They brag about ripping the story right out of the Post headlines.
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Apparently the real life case is still unsolved.

Law and Order never used to do it for EVERY episode. It seemed like it would only be an occasional sweeps epsiode. Now I think they've just run out of material. Hard not to with 1 original and 2 spinoff series in almost nonstop reruns.
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L&O hasn't been very good since Hennessey left.
Orbach (RIP) was the final nail.
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I'd never heard anything about this, and given the amount of cultural nodding I'm surprised.

Guilty or not, it's a shitty thing to destroy a man so completely that he feels the only positives arrive on his death. What happened to the "medieval" Judge Muir and his extraordinary sentences?
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spock wins the inline image contest today. spock gets a packet of beer cookies and an inline diploma.
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All I could think reading the article is how aspie-ish she sounded.
no social life , no friends
But this is the quote that got me the most:
". She gave so many presents, spent so much money, not to buy their friendship... but because she wanted to. It's almost like her life was a little out of gear with other people. She was the only person I ever knew who would walk into a room and every head would turn... yet nobody ever came over and asked for her phone number. "
so sad!
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The Dwyer video is on youtube; I'm not linking it. I didn't see anything for Chubbuck, though.
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Eideteker, I was talking about the Chubbuck video, (obviously I believe it's around, for starters) Dwyer has been available to any interested for a while.

Chubbuck's story is definately sad, in many ways. That Post article is a wrenching read.

Oh, and Alvy nailed it as far as the quality of L&O.
posted by Busithoth at 5:36 AM on March 29, 2006

I find it interesting that the Washington Post story was apparently published nearly three weeks after her death.

Also, her suicide was included in a published (American Socological Review, 1982) scholarly paper which demonstrated "that U.S. daily suicides increase significantly after highly publicized suicide stories appear on televised evening news programs".

This paper may be found by searching academic research sites for "Chubbuck AND suicide" or perusing a copy here: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

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Note: If your browser scales images to fit your browser window, the GIFs above will probably be too small to read. (Change that setting in your preferences, or use another browser.)
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I know that thirty years has changed our language when it comes to relationships and whatnot so it looks jarring to me in 2006, but it still must've stung even in 1974 to have your own mother call you a "spinster."
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I could've sworn I'd seen this footage many years ago, on an old-school mail-order videotape I believe. Maybe I'm confusing it with The Howling or something, but the mention of the fact that she shot herself in the neck really makes me wonder...does anyone else recall seeing this?
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I'm almost positive I've seen it, stinky; it may have been on one of those "Faces of Death" tapes me and my antisocial friends used to pore over back in the eighties.I even remember the barely contained professional voice she put on that seemed to speed up preceptively as she hurried towards the punchline.
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via wiki death list:

"2006: Dr. Richard Root, clinical instructor at the University of Washington Medical Center, died during an expedition on the Limpopo River in Botswana, when a crocodile pulled him from the dugout canoe in which he was riding. "

Interestingly enough, I stumbled across this moments after my friend told me how his professor was eaten by a crocodile.
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And yet, that professor would probably not have believed you had you said that a crocodile ate your homework.
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Perigee: Yep, that sounds right. That's always very freaky the way people making suicide videos get so tense right before they actually, uh, commit suicide.

Probably the worst example of that I've seen was the home videos of Ricardo Lopez, the guy who tried to kill Bjork with the booby-trapped explosive fanmail. His face - which he has painted red and black - gets really flushed and crazy, and he starts hyperventilating just before he kills himself, and whoo, it's pretty difficult to watch...this one was actually on VH1's 'Behind The Music', believe it or not (though of course they don't actually show the suicide itself, just everythinh immediately preceding it).
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Publicize a suicide, and rates go up. Yet the only known form of effective suicide prohylaxis is to allow people to talk freely about suicide. Whats a body to do?
posted by fcummins at 3:56 AM on March 30, 2006

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