"We dream that one day Walt Bogdanich will have to say: 'I can’t believe the Sarasota Whatever-Tribune cost me my 20th Pulitzer.'"
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Sarasota Herald-Tribune Reporter Matt Doig is looking for investigative journalists....
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One of their more recent projects: Flipping Fraud

Also, forgot the via.
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That is exactly what working at a smaller, under-funded daily paper is like. I am no even kidding. I admire the honesty of that ad.

I also admire that I no longer have to live that life. (I was a copy editor and designer, not a reporter, but it was a small office and we all interacted pretty closely.)
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Burhanistan: "Short follow up interview with the guy."

That's awesome. Thanks for it!
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is that "short followup interview" link working? if it's just me, could someone drop the text in here?
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radiosilents, sure.

"I’m just mystified that this little job post has resonated with so many people in the business’"

By Jim Romenesko
Mar. 23, 2011
Mother Jones

Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s Matthew Doig has written what Mother Jones calls “the best journalism-job want ad ever.” His search for an investigative reporter — a “sicko who likes holing up in a tiny, closed office with reporters of questionable hygiene to build databases from scratch” — is all over Twitter and journalists’ Facebook pages. Doig talks to Romenesko about the ad after the jump.

Matthew Doig: Earlier this afternoon I said to my colleague that the job post was blowing up the Internet, but really I was just joking because I’d seen it on one blog. Then an hour later I got a call from a Washington Post online reporter who said she was going to write about it because it’s “blowing up on the Internet.” So I went back to my colleague and told him, Washington Post is confirming my initial report.

How many applications have you received?

I actually put the job up on NICARL on Monday, 3/14. So I had a flurry of candidates apply then, but I’ve had a bunch more today since this has inexplicably echoed back on me 10 days later. In total, I probably have 15-20 candidates so far.

Have you posted other “non-traditional” help-wanted notices?

This was my first job post. But I took a similar approach when I was looking for a job about 10 years ago. I wrote what you’d probably consider a “non-traditional” cover letter figuring that anybody who didn’t like it would also not like me (and vice-versa). The guy who hired me at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Chris Davis, told me he never even read the clips I sent. He just loved the cover letter. And he and I have gotten along about as well as any reporter and editor can, so my strategy must have worked.

Have you heard from Walt Bogdanich about being mentioned in the ad?

I have not heard from Walt and hope he will feel amused, flattered and greatly threatened by the post. In all seriousness, I put his name in there because I think the guy puts together a perfect investigative project. His work should be studied in every journalism class.

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I approve of the use of the word "clusterfuck" in help-wanted ads.
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I have to say, that ad really sold me on Florida.
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That ad pulls at my very soul. Talk about a dream job. If only the idea of getting paid to do investigative journalism was at all realistic in this day and age. Man...
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On the NPR game show, guest Carl Hiaasen talked about how he could never leave Fla because it provides such a wealth of material.

He mentioned that new Gov, who's common response was 'I was never convicted!'
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He mentioned that new Gov, who's common response was 'I was never convicted!'

Man, right out of Guys and Dolls.
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I second ChrisHartley. Oh, how I wish....
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I emailed this to the editor of the Key West Citizen and then to our local usual suspects.

I did it because Key West is like 190-proof pure Florida extract...

...served beachside on the rocks with key lime in a coconut by a some-gendered person in a monkey suit wearing a rainbow speedo with a "ONE HUMAN FAMILY" sticker pasted on it who happens to be the brother of the famous childrens book writer-rockstar hired by the relatives of the school board superintendent in order to draw attention away from their cousin's penchant for emptying parking meters and taking in the rolled coins to the local bank in a shopping cart for cash exchange in order to pay off the ketamine-using commissioner whose vote will determine if the undeveloped but potentially EPA Superfund-worthy parcel of land being returned by the US Navy to the city after the Navy claimed it eighty-seven years ago from native Conch-Bahamians will become a park or a gambling casino marina for mega-yachts before Cuba opens up and bankrupts everyone.

I should know. I'm from here.
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This actually happened in Key West.... I remember it well.

The passel of cops unloading their weapons at Front and Duval while managing to hit...nobody sticks out in my mind even more...

I also used to live in Sarasota, and there is some crazy there as well.
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I live in Sarasota, and this post makes me want to start reading the Sarasota Herald-Tribune again. Thanks Zarq!
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