Payola Six, Paid $ix, gossip sleaze shocka!
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Let the fur fly. The New York Post's Page Six is the latest pillar of the 'Forth' Estate to take heavy damage from scandal. Like the Judy Miller fiasco of 2005, except with virtually zero ramifications upon things that actually matter, no one looks good here. The tawdry gist: Billionaire Sleaze-Bag set up Gossip Freelancer Sleaze-Bag -- who supposedly was offering to trade positive Page Six coverage for money. The Gossip Sleaze-Bag is probably screwed, but now the other wolves are going in for theirs and (seeing a chance to rally, somewhat, around their own) it's the Billionaire Sleaze-Bag that they'd most like to get a piece of. The part about this that makes it all a Robert-Downey-Jr-movie-waiting-to-happen is that the story broke on the eve of Page Six editor Richard Johnson's wedding. Ah, yes. That's the stuff.
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well. whew. gossip is kind of fun.
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ah hmm. could've sworn i...

oh fine. my bad. but...some new linkage in there anyway?
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone here have gawker commenting rights?
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No. 1 Google result for "gossip": clearly this scandal is a false flag to cement the NY Post's lead.
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I have Gawker commenting rights.
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People, please give a fuck about the lives of these wealthy losers.
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Forth estate? Bah. I'll take Pascal every time.
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cessna von richthofen ?
posted by sgt.serenity at 1:57 AM on April 11, 2006

ah hmm. could've sworn i...

Me too.
posted by PeterMcDermott at 2:22 AM on April 11, 2006

Richard Johnson?
So what is he, a Dick, or a Johnson?
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Oh... the New York Post. For a moment there I thought this thread was going to be about journalism and newspapers.
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