Advertising & National Identity
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Togs or Undies Not the 100% typical or untypical view of New Zealand. (Previously Discussed) Trumpet isn't the only product to depict Aotearoa in advertising. Summer & Clothing Choices are a theme. As are blokes & beer. Sweet as bro. Politically correct not an issue !
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What's the theme with this post? New Zealand? Not sure I'm getting what you are trying to say with all the links.

Oh, and the first link is borked.
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was trying to use some parochial NZ ads to try and get some idea on how other nations applied the same "national" character to their products
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New Zealand is very bizarre. How bizarre, how bizarre (dododo dododo) How bizarre!

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God, I love that Call Centre ad! W00t~!
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. Ok, if I didn't have to wait until 07:00 on Monday to buy hooch, I'd run right out and get some 42Below. I'm sold.
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For any of you who are at sea - as I was - about what togs are, let me clear things up. They are cozzies.
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They really ought to broadcast the Britain ad in the UK (if they have, I've never seen it). Rather amusing. Call centre one is better though.

Good sampling of real UK adverts, if you're interested. Hamet Cigars is a classic.
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I was afraid of that. Very Afraid.
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Budgie smuggling!
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Wonderful. The Indian Call Centre video is just great.
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I've enjoyed the togs or undies ad on TV a couple of times, but it doesn't really have that much relevance, does it? I don't really think of speedos as being a particularly NZ swimwear - whenever I go to the beach it's just all boardies, surely?

I love the 42below ads.
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