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Back in the day when... Mens fashion wasn't cutting it, modern Kiwi males welcomed in Stubbies ... Depth charges were the best because you always soaked Teresa McKee...You were there, and so was L & P. World famous in new Zealand since ages ago.
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more on the L & P site. just hit click here and you are golden.
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These are ads.
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These are ads.


I mean they're nice as far as adverts go but... is there more substance to this post?

Does it still count as advertising if I don't know what they're selling and they don't make me want to buy anything?
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Nice post. Kiwis need all the help they can get.
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Nothing wrong with ads when they're done well, and I like these - advertising is a perfectly valid art form. Also, they work since I want to try an L&P now. I like that the new low-cal version's slogan is "world famous in New Zealand since quite recently".
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"Mostly in brown and a size too small"?

I'll see your Stubbies and raise you a set of UDT trunks.
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The worst bit is, it's so embarrassing how terribky, relentlessly true they are.

/mum on the PTA with keys to the pool
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OK, well, that was all about as self-explanatory as bologna underpants.
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First thing I did on arriving in New Zealand recently was go to a supermarket and buy all the foody goodness you just can't get elsewhere. Including some L&P.

The food is so good there, I just don't understand it.
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Believe me, it is so very, very true.

biscotti: The name of the lo-cal version is called 'Sweet As', which is the Kiwi equivalent of the Aussie 'She'll be right' and 'no problem'.
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The narrator of these commercials is one half of NZ's fourth-most popular folk comedy duo about to have their own show on HBO.
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God, I wore stubbies as a kid. They were even tighter and more brown than is portrayed here. Mortifying.

And L&P is delicious. I found one for sale once in Australia, but that was near Surfers so there must have been a high volume of NZers around.
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Pilot episode available online (on the official HBO MySpace site): http://www.myspace.com/hboflight

[Never even realised it was Jemaine doing that narration. thanks for pointing that out]
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Is it still an ad if you cant buy the product in your home country?
I live in NZ and wont be buying L&P any time soon ;-), the taste is just a little too old school. The ads are a great piece of Kiwiana though.
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Cavendish is helping a long proximity for years green and five.
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Thankfully we have managed to rid ourselves of "cultural cringe" as even as recently as seven or so years ago, these ads would be unwatchable for a New Zealander.

Also and related John Shaft I have been in touch with i_am_joe's_spleen last week and keen to organise a Wellington meet up in the coming weeks...

Just to give you and others, who are attracted to the NZ aspect of this post a heads up.
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Those were hilarious and educational. Had no idea about stubbies or New Zealand slang. I'm still in shock to think grown men wear stubbies in public, not at the beach. I mean those things look tiny, very revealing. yikes. Puts a whole 'nother spin on down under.
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Does L&P come in blue?
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Don't forget the underrated cousin of the Stubbies: Scoops.

With the nice, zippered change pocket on one side. Normally worn a bit tighter IIRC.
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Heh nice.. got a bottle of L&P in the fridge.. not bad.. but had to be hand brought to tokyo :)
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I love Flight of the Conchords. I also love New Zealand.
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Yay, Metafilter is for New Zealanders.

I see such a bright future. No more Americans talking about Bush and War and Fear, instead our derails would be about bushwalks and lamb chops and beer.

It will be so wonderful.
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maxwelton, omg, just looked at your The Flight of the Conchords YouTube link, I *love* those mischievous, sexy, hilarious rascals. And they're New Zealanders. Cool. They are totally fun. Went on to see their other YouTube vids: Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros and Albi (racist dragon)...more.
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Heh. I really enjoyed that. Thanks.
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Though not being a kiwi, I instantly thought of these instead.
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Except they would be tramps.

L & P is severely overrated.
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Pretty soon New Zealand's going to give up on being a serious country and just concentrate on making ads. Of course, it could be that this has already happened. Which would explain a lot.
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I once thought Paeroa was a mysterious New Zealand fruit.
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For those of you who are curious, L&P is a lemonade soft drink, but it's pretty low on the carbonation and so a lot smoother than something like sprite or lift.

also worth a look are the 42 Below Vodka advertisments, and the NZI Insurance advert.

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