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Atypyk seems to be two guys from France who change everyday things into stuff you want. From soap and Pez dispensers to art on dollar bills and interesting ideas.
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Most of these are very cool, stylized novelty items... even the ones that are visual puns. Great find! (note: you can click the tiny arrows on the side of the images to advance to the next product; you don't have to use the drop down menu).
posted by Davenhill at 10:55 PM on April 17, 2006

There was an artist I saw as a kid, I believe at the San Francisco Modern Art museum--he did some stuff like this, like a rock and a pair of scissors embedded in a pad of paper, or a first aid kit in a red cross shaped box, and a variety of clever puns about time on the faces of watches.

Anyone know who i'm talking about?
posted by stray at 12:50 AM on April 18, 2006

Clever. They are novelty gags, but I like how willfully frivolous some of them are, like the Kill Time book and the $100 of confetti.
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When it comes to pop culture, the French usually get it all wrong -- e.g. le rock 'n' roll. But many of these items are very cool, and evidence of a pleasingly ironic sensibility.
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So...are these available to purchase?
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Yes B5 they are available for purchase.

The architecture/design bookstore that I work at has carried several items from this line for almost a year. They have sold well considering it's pretty high concept. I gave the Clumsy Coasters as a Christmas gift this past season, the person who got them has a nifty home bar setup and loves gags/practical jokes, perfect.
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