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In 1889, Dolores Cannon "channeled" the spirit of Nostradamus. Among other things... A leader in the Middle East will launch a nuke that will overshoot its target and detonate in the Mediterranean Sea. A great and rich power will be subject to serious natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and flooding. And the presidents of the U.S. will abuse their power to an increasingly greater extent. Educated guessing? No! Even The Onion staffs some prophets.
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When farce becomes prophetic, I weep.
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Uh... 1989. Sorry.
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Re: the last link, does anybody remember the three-bladed razor spoof from SNL? It aired not long after the two-bladed razor came out. The tagline: "The Three-bladed Razor: Because You'll Believe Anything."

How true, how true.
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the problem with Nostradamus is that he's vague, and once people use a verse for a specific interpretation, and then another dictator comes, or another disaster, etc, then which was it about? that one or the current one? her stuff about Bush (the father) is really more applicable to this Bush, but it's too late, no?
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I have one of those 5-blade razors. It actually has 6 blades, five on one side and one on the edge for precision shaving. It's pretty funny.
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The Gillette article is much better if you imagine the executive snorting lines of coke between paragraphs.
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Let's just see here. A random series of links to recent and past news events. From a Wiki on Hurricane Katrina, to a CNN article on Iran, to an Onion spoof of razor blade design.

What am I missing here? What is the purpose of this post? Why is it on the front page?
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Personally, I'm holding out for the 17-blade razor.
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Indeed, why is this here? If MeFi turns into a posting board for 'channelers' or people who believe in them, then we are doomed.

Nostradamus and his ilk are like Rorschach blots - if you want to see something telling you the end is nigh, you'll find it; if you want to find something that's based on scientific and/or principles of logical evidence, you wouldn't use a Roschach blot, would you?
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Nostradamus and his ilk are like Rorschach blots - if you want to see something telling you the end is nigh, you'll find it;

Nostradamus predicted you would say that.
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On a more serious note, the 5th link regards Israel's response to Monday's suicide bombing. Israel said Monday that a new “axis of terror” — Iran, Syria and the Hamas-run Palestinian government — is sowing the seeds of the first world war of the 21st century... Recent statements by the Palestinian government, Iran and Syria, including one by Hamas on Monday defending the suicide bombing, “are clear declarations of war, and I urge each and every one of you to listen carefully and take them at face value,” said Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman.

Meanwhile, not only is Iran, a known financial supporter of Hamas, not backing down from international pressure to stop enriching uranium, but from the 4th link, is devising methods of increasing the rate of uranium enrichment. P-2 centrifuges, with their superstrong rotors, enrich uranium faster, and could help Iranian scientists construct a nuclear weapon much sooner than the P-1 centrifuges they have shown to international inspectors.

Most likely political posturing from Israel, but the recent developments in Iran may increase time pressure in some circles for a preemptive strike. After all, if Israel's UN Ambassador thinks that WWIII is immenent, why not? The "end of the world" theme sort of evolved from there. And razors with five blades are a sign of the apocaplypse.
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Nostradamus was insane. The new Gillette Fusion Power razor is the most revolutionary razor ever invented. Next.
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"One of the first remarks my teacher made in her comments was "Who is Nostradamus?" This is when I gave up on the educational system"

Yeah, because we need teachers who are more knowledgeable with a French occultists than with Thomas Jefferson.
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You say Nostradamas, I say Nostradumbass.
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Nostradamas doesn't scare me nearly as much as the people who take him seriously.
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Nostradamus had a long scraggly beard, because without Gillette Fusion Power he knew he could never enjoy the satisfying close shave we take for granted.
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Nostradamus and his beard are two separate unrelated issues. Nostradamus wrote important prophecies, many of which came true. His beard did not. Please remember that.
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That Onion article on Bush was funny/over-the-top at the time. Now it's just scarily prescient. Nothing has failed to come true, except for the tax increases. Two more years left, though.
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