Now that's impressive.
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Nes Micro To go along with your portable snes, playstation, and Atari 2600 of course. Want to do it yourself? buy the book. Lots more stuff on Ben Heckendorn's home page (how quaint!). (found all this googling for pictures of NES cartages)
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I don't know about the NES stuff, and don't really care, but the guy's ideas for movies are great! I particularly like everKittens:
So I thought "Well it'd be cool if cats stayed kittens forever... EVERKITTENS!" So yeah, this "evil corporation" creates a genetically altered type of kitten that never grows old, rather stays young and cute. They do a test release in 1 town for starters (the location of all the mayhem) Their bodies stay young but other things grow - namely their urge to KILL! everkittens (tagline: "Meet your pet of the future") would be an uber-dark action horror movie along the lines of Gremlins, with some I, Robot parallels as well. A cool idea, one I might do but making robotic / destroyable / CGI kittens would be really hard.
"Their bodies stay young but other things grow - namely their urge to KILL!" It's like a tagline for the Borribles.
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Ben Hack is my fggin personal hero.
I definitely recommend the book, the projects are not impossible, even if you don't know anything about electronics. The page on converting the snes has three different methods for actually opening the device,
1. Buy a custom screwdriver set off of EBay
2. The "saw" method.
3. The "pry with flathead screwdriver" method.
It's like all those horrible things you did to electronics when you were a kid, but with a purpose.

I actually found a copy at Barnes & Noble.
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I'm sending this link to everyone I know who's good with building stuff, to see if someone can make me one. Heh. Everkittens.
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mm, yeah. While I applaud the work, it is quite impractical in the end. You can EASILY play EVERY NES game ever made on a Gameboy Advanced (I personally use the Pogoshell + Plugins model on an SP with 1Gb Flash2Advance cart) Cheaper, faster and without having to carry any carts around with you.
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Ben Heck is awesome, but this guy's portable Dreamcast is a work of art.
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I saw this a while ago, it's pretty great. There's nothing like having the actual cartridges, though emulation is my lord and savior.
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I would go with some sort of emulation on a PSP.
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