TIGsource Demakes competition results
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Nearly a month ago jbickers made a post that mentioned the TIGsource Demakes competition. The competition is over, and the winners have been announced. All of these are playable. Most are for Windows, except for those that are Flash or something else:
1. Soundless Mountain II (Atari 2600 Silent Hill) (from previous post)
2. Gang Garrison II (Kyntt Stories-like Team Fortress 2, complete with multiplayer)
3. Aquarium (NES-ish Aquaria)
4. Little Girl in Underland (Soviet McGee's Alice)
5. House Globe (Homeworld)
6. S.T.A.C.K.E.R. (Nuclear Tetris)
7. Squish
(Crush is a PSP game where the player can switch the world between a 2D and 3D representation. Squish is a game in which the player switches between a 2D and a 1D representation. See for yourself.) 8. (tie) Fillauth and Advanced Set The Rope On Fire Cartridge (an Intellivision-like remake of this, previously mentioned)
9. Sexy Seaside Vollyball (NSFW, pixelated breasts) (Sinclair Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Vollyball)
10. Macarena of the Missing (A thematically-appropriate demake of Limbo of the Lost)

Lots more after the jump!

Various honorable mentions:
Corner's Shiny (Mirror's Edge), Hold Me Closer, Giant Dancer (2D Shadow of the Colossus), Bootleg Bash (NES-like Smash Bros.), Buddy Base 2 (NES-alike Team Fortress 2), Katamaran Vs. Dalmation Giraffe (2D Gameboyish Katamari Damacy), Protobytes (2D Elebits), Smaze (NES-oid Haze), Super 3d Portals 6 (Mentioned in last post, Atari 2600 Portal, made to work on an actual Atari 2600), Thieving Raccoon (Flash, Game & Watch style Sly Cooper), Deity of Hostility (God of War text adventure, with fratboy narration), Healthy Wave (Gameboy AudioSurf), Trouble in Euclidia (Geometry Wars with faked ASCII graphics), Untitled Zelda-like for 1987 PC (CGA graphics, which work surprisingly well), Fake Pigs 2 (2D Virtua Cop), Offslaught '81 (ZX-81 Tower Defense), Heroes in Guitarland (NES-esque Guitar Hero), Super Maria Cosmos (2D Mario Galaxy), VipeUt Vectrex
(Wipeout like as for the Vectrex), Fable of Griselda (ASCII Zelda), WolfSD (Wolfenstein 3D like as for the NES), Rocket Belt Rawr (2D grayscale recreation of Jetpack Brontosaurus), Hyper Solar-System Plumber (Another 2D Mario Galaxy), Lady Boy Love Collection (B&W Mega Man, vaguely NSFW), Shadow of the Bossus (2D, 16-bit Shadow of the Collossus), Nobody Shooter (Everyday Shooter, in a Gameboy-ine style), and Dysaster (which is a roguelike).
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Argh... HTML problem, could someone take out the <BR> after 7., and put it before 8.?

Also, the list is kinda bulky, some/all of it could probably be put after the fold as well.
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Little Girl in Underland is pretty cool.
posted by keli at 3:44 AM on October 7, 2008 [1 favorite]

I am so goddamned furious that I can only favorite this once.
posted by Stunt at 3:46 AM on October 7, 2008 [1 favorite]

So good, you'd swear it was made by Incas.
posted by kid ichorous at 4:24 AM on October 7, 2008

* Move in four awesome directions!

* Hand-written cutscenes!

* Incredible letter-realistic graphics!

* At least eight colours!
posted by Stunt at 4:32 AM on October 7, 2008

Squish is a game in which the player switches between a 2D and a 1D representation. See for yourself.

I'm no physicist, but I'm pretty sure that just went from a 2d representation to a different 2d rendering. Any physicists want to weigh in?

Thanks for the fun JHarris!
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Great, great post
posted by Jofus at 4:39 AM on October 7, 2008

Little Girl in Underland is great. It's not really a game, but it's funny as hell. Great voices.
posted by Malor at 4:56 AM on October 7, 2008

Gang Garrison is pretty great.
posted by Pope Guilty at 5:26 AM on October 7, 2008

Soundless Mountain

Scary title award.
posted by krilli at 5:31 AM on October 7, 2008

I'm in time wasting useless gaming overload! Too bad I have to work for 8 hours >:>(
posted by Mastercheddaar at 5:38 AM on October 7, 2008

JHarris, did you ever know that you're my hero?
posted by The Whelk at 5:39 AM on October 7, 2008

This is so wonderful. And yes, Little Girl in Underland, the only thing I played yet, is actually just as amusing as you would hope!
posted by blahblahblah at 6:13 AM on October 7, 2008

Soundless Mountain II?
Gang Garrison II?

Too damn funny!
posted by Dr-Baa at 6:27 AM on October 7, 2008 [1 favorite]

Any advice on which are, "Flash or something else"?
posted by Richard Daly at 6:30 AM on October 7, 2008

S.T.A.C.K.E.R. I liked, but it's tough in that there are some blocks you don't want to disappear, and then there are others that need to disappear ASAP. I always managed to get attacked by a pack of dog-blocks, and couldn't get rid of them quickly enough, even with the "sort" button.
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Ugh, the "previous/next" button in the forum interface takes you to the next thread, not the next page in the same thread.

Cool designs, though! Takes talent to do the art, music, and programming!

There is no jump.
posted by Eideteker at 6:33 AM on October 7, 2008

Pollomacho: The world changes from 2d to 1d (from a plane to a line) but the player's movements are still in two dimensions because the player can jump. The world is truly one-dimensional after the switch; there aren't any platforms above or below you, just to the left or right. Including jumping is kind of a cop-out, but a 1-d level with true 1-d movement (just forward/back) is going to get worn out pretty fast.
posted by tylermoody at 6:58 AM on October 7, 2008

tylermoody: If the player can still jump, it's still 2d. The number of dimensions has nothing to do with where objects lie relative to the player character, and everything to do with the space that character can move within. I understand what you're saying in your post, and what the game designer is getting at, but the literalist asshole in me has to agree with Pollomacho.
posted by owtytrof at 8:07 AM on October 7, 2008

When I first saw this, I thought "Lots more after the jump!" was the only thing above the fold.
posted by Korou at 8:31 AM on October 7, 2008

I like house globe...still getting the hang of it, it is kind of like an 8-bit version of starcraft, but with more lady computers saying "Need more cash!"
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Maybe it's just my computer that is cursed, but almost half the games have problems with the graphics. Houseglobe runs at about 2 FPS, Squish doesn't start up at all and Stacker is to dark to see anything.
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I have to say that the text adventure version of God of War works well as a really biting critique of the game.
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Awwww, Smaze got robbed.
posted by zusty at 10:55 AM on October 7, 2008

Metafilter: A pack of dog-blocks.
posted by JHarris at 12:40 PM on October 7, 2008

Richard Daly: All that, to my knowledge, are not Windows are already marked with one exception. Rocket Belt Rawr is a Flash game. (And I played a fair bit of it last night, and think it's great.)

Eideteker: I had difficulty with what to call it, the "jump," the "link," the "fold," or something else. I'm open to better suggestions as to what to call the "More Inside" link.

Everyone: TIGsource is generally awesome.
posted by JHarris at 12:58 PM on October 7, 2008

I bet I'm the only nerd here who thought this was going to be about welding and was a little sad when it wasn't.
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Pyramid Head (or Triangle Face, or whatever) does not actually appear in Soundless Mountain II.
posted by Dr-Baa at 5:43 AM on October 8, 2008

Oy. Should I proceed to yell, "Get Off My Lawn"?

Back in the day this we used to call "Art", as in "Digital" or "Software" art; while bowing to the greatness of JoDi.org

Lovely couple. Good friends and conspirators in Art.

(Related : potatoland.org)
posted by liza at 6:59 AM on October 8, 2008

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