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Tatjana van Vark: Creative null-A polymaniac.
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The only thing I know about A. Korzybski is that he was the person that Bill Burroughs was obsessed with before he turned his attention to Hubbard.

I figured that if anyone could forget about him in favour of Scientology, the guy had to be another loon.

Nice hardware though.
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that's some beautiful engineering.
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Fuck, she may be a loon, but lord, she's a talented loon. That machining is not only first rate, it's beautiful.

The fact he included spare fuses with some of them gave me giggles -- it's just the sort of detail I admire.
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Craft in the service of madness. What the hell is the point of a mechanical Fourier analyzer?
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Korzybski is great.
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Korzybski is great.

Until you get to the part about people's colloidal makeup determining their personalities. That's where I gave up on Science and Sanity, anyway.
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So, anyone care to spill the beans for the uninitiated?
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Some wiki-beans.

Sonofsamiam: I totally missed the strikeout in your post. Nice.
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Korzybski is great

Korzybski appears to me to have greatness.

(This is my first attempt. Tricky business, this E-prime.)

E-Prime at wikipedia, working with E-Prime
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Roses seem red;
Violets seem blue.
I like honey,
And I like you.

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Encoded Haiku - try it ..


I was totally prepared to be underwhelmed and I must say, this stuff in fascinating. Great post.
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