ei se mitään
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TVFolk is a collection of 400-odd videos of traditional music from nothern Europe, including a live (leek-free) performance from Loituma (below) in 2001. Other standouts include Hedningarna, JPP, and Garmarna.
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Then there's this.
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MonkeySaltedNuts' loituma link from the other thread looks better.
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Ei se mitään

Ei kun se on jotain. ;)

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Amazing. Thank you so much!
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Wow. I love Hedningarna. Thanks Wolfdog!
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In addition to Wolfdog's links, I rather liked Aino Mäkelä's simple a capella performances (1, 2). First one is an old hymn and the second is a "new traditional" song (a daughter sings to her dead mother). Värttinä can always be recommended.

Also, hmmm, heh. First Lordi, then the spinning leek song and now JPP's surreal video (big hairy men in undershirts doing a belly bumping dance). I'm so proud to be a Finn right now...
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Some good stuff there. No Triakel, but they do have some Garmana.

If you like this, you might want to look up the 3 Nordic Roots CD compilations.
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Hedningarna is (or at least was) very cool, but it's hardly purely traditional music. At least one album I remember was basically nordic folk and traditional stuff mixed with rock.
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Good stuff -- I've always had a soft spot for Scandinavian roots music. Thanks for the link.
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Awesome! I love Hedningarna too - I use Grodan/Widergrenen as a lullaby for my baby. I'll admit it doesn't make her sleep tho. Not one bit.
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Wolfdog, what an excellent FPP! This is a treasure trove of interesting music, wonderful sound quality and unusual, fascinating videos. A great treat. Definitely my cup of chai. Loved the Contemporary Kurdistan, Crasdant Pibddawns from Wales, tons of stuff there.
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Several of these artists are sold (at least in the States) by NorthSide, which has sample mp3s and real audio up (go into each artist, then to the albulms - most albulms seem to have 1 mp3 and several real audio clips).
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