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MovieFone (or, or AOL/Moviefone if you want to be official) has long been my favorite place to look up movie showtimes, but lately I've been running into problems. The biggest one is this: if you search for movies by theater, then hit "more" a couple times, it reaches a limit of about 12 theaters. Here in LA, that limit corresponds to a 4-5 mile radius. The theater I want to look up movie times at is maybe 7-8 miles away, but no where in the interface is a real "search." It's all just lists and lists. Eventually, I found a list of local theaters (covering about a 20 mile radius) in the theater codes section, but it's not a real search engine, so looking up times at out of town theaters requires you to know the zip code of the place you're going to. I know they're trying to simplify their site by taking out a search engine, but what about the people that know exactly what they want? I use moviefone on the web because using it on a telephone requires you to navigate convoluted menu systems, but they've transferred the phone experience to the web quite well.
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At the theaters in college (Loews?) they showed MovieFone ads before the movie. This one had a couple of '30s-style executives trying to come up with MovieFone improvements. Then the silhouette of a guy -- designed to look like it's coming front the front row -- stands up and yells at the screen, "What about the previews?!" And that is how MovieFone advertised its preview feature.

After about the 20th time seeing this, I would stand up and yell along with the silhouette. "What about the previews?!" Oh, God, it was so much fun.

Does this ad still run anywhere?
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If you have a Pilot check out Showtimes, a very cool and extremely configurable movie and showtime tracking tool. (one warning: it gets its data from Yahoo! Movies, which occasionally has errors with late shows)
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