January 16, 2000
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Webcams are pretty boring in general, and have been around forever, but leave it to Jason Kottke to inject new life into them. Here's what I came up with while playing with it.
posted by mathowie (15 comments total)
And leave it to Matt to find out about it seconds after I updated the damn thing. ;) Of course, I found his comment here about as quickly, so we're both compulsive websurfing dorks.
posted by jkottke at 11:24 PM on January 16, 2000

Jason - I'm gonna sound like an even bigger dork than you and Matt ;-), but who's the girl you used for it?

posted by tomcosgrave at 3:04 AM on January 17, 2000

re: the girl. I don't know....it was a stock photograph.
posted by jkottke at 8:59 AM on January 17, 2000


I did something naughty with her and you Jason :-) Check your e-mail!
posted by tomcosgrave at 10:15 AM on January 17, 2000

*Everyone* did something naughty with me and her. She's just that kinda girl, I guess.
posted by jkottke at 6:42 PM on January 17, 2000

She's a *slut*!!

posted by tomcosgrave at 9:31 AM on January 18, 2000

erm... in my capture, *Jason*'s apparently on his knees while the woman's in charge, so to say... so who's the slut really?

men... PAH! ;-)

posted by prolific at 3:29 AM on January 19, 2000

Hey, I never said I wasn't a slut.
posted by jkottke at 8:15 AM on January 19, 2000

No ya didn't... but that hoor from Dublin town did!

posted by prolific at 8:40 AM on January 19, 2000

LOL!! :-D

G'wan and shite, ya mad thing :-)
I guess Jason and the girl are *both* sluts!

posted by tomcosgrave at 4:28 PM on January 19, 2000

Which one? I've got so many hoes in Dublin I can't keep track.
posted by jkottke at 7:37 PM on January 20, 2000

I hadn't noticed that this was the first thread on MetaFilter to go past 10 replies until tonight, and this is what you guys are talking about? :)
posted by mathowie at 10:15 PM on January 20, 2000

Oral sex and prostitution is where it's at, baby. Relaunch this baddie as MetaPornoFilter and then you'll have something.
posted by jkottke at 10:22 PM on January 20, 2000

Nah Jason...

"MetaSlut...takin' it to a whole new sub-level"

posted by tomcosgrave at 3:23 AM on January 21, 2000

was this the beginning of kottkefilter?
posted by corpse at 1:07 PM on January 16, 2002

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