"Art's only sane option, in its impotence, was to go nuts too."
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When Artists Took Over the Asylum [NYT]: A 450 piece Dada exhibit opens Sunday at MoMA in New York. The collection features works from such Dada greats as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Jean "Hans" Arp, Hannah Höch, and Baroness Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven.
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Marcel Duchamp previously on MetaFilter.

Photomontage thread highlighting Höch, among others.
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Just in time for Fathers' Day!

So why are so many of the 3D pieces in the MOMA collection replicas of lost or destroyed pieces? Are there other 'replicas' in other museums? More importantly what would the Dadaists think of that?
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As always, wonderful post.

Artists of DaDaism or more info. Writing: digital DaDa. Visual samples of each DaDaist.
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yay for Dada!
I'm all over this display.
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Nice post, grapefruitmoon. I've been gnashing at the bit to see this show ever since it first opened in Paris (where I think it had something like 1600 objects!) ... I've heard nothing but raves about it, so am hoping to get out to NY soon to see it. In the meantime, there are some related shows here in L.A.: John Heartfield at the Getty, and The Societe Anonyme at the Hammer (which will tour for the next few years, starting this fall).
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I saw this in Paris last year (altho it was arranged differently apparently, and larger)---out-of-this-world wonderful and thorough!

Don't miss the Schwitters, and the printed works.
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...it's good to be reacquainted with a generation that had no market to speak of and for whom society's corruption and exhaustion seemed a golden opportunity to make themselves useful. Politicians were responsible for mass murder, advertisers were conmen, the press self-censoring. ...

: >
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The next day of International Dadaism Month in Lawrence, KS is less then a month away.
Previously on MetaFilter, but the FPP link is broken.
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It was in DC before NY and I saw it there. Very good show, especially the little room where they played the sound poems.
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I too saw it in DC and it was awesome. Go!
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