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Panda, Inc. - National Geographic does pandas, including this surfeit of cuteness clip of Tai Shan and mom playing. Watch for panda mania to break out in the U.S. as we count down to Tai Shan's one year birthday. At 53 pounds, he is coming along nicely - see his progress in his photo album since birth. Meanwhile, in the wild, happy news that the panda population may be double what was previously thought. Yay! (via adorablog's great panda file.)
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Don't forget that pandas can attack. Kill them all!
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I was going to do house cleaning today but then you showed me pandas. Now it's all over. Damn you, mjjj! Damn you! [shakes fist]
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Watch for panda mania to break out in the U.S. as we count down to Tai Shan's one year birthday.

Don't you mean "panda-monium?"
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ive had this issue for a month now. really you could post anything national geographic does.
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More Wild Pandas Than Thought, Dung Study Reveals
When I read that headline, I thought "what an unfortunate name for a Chinese panda researcher". Then I saw that they really were surveying panda poop!

In high school English, I got an "A" for a satirical poem (in the style of Ogden Nash) titled "The Panda"...
Just because you're a gift from Mao
As a bear you're a sacred cow...

edit: rest of poem omitted to avoid further pun-ishment
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This is awesome. I forgot all about pandas there for a little while. Thank you for making my day more panda-rich.

I also felt obligated to look up koala bears, which aren't as cute as pandas.
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Pandamonium. Also, he will always be Butterstick to me.
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The mom tumbles as much as the baby!
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Don't forget the (so-called) lesser panda, whose perpendicu-hilarity approaches meerkatty levels of cuteness.
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Ohmygosh. The video of Butterstick doing cutesy baby panda things was SO CUTE that I nearly died.

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There's also a live video of Mei Xiang at Animal Planet.
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